When John Ed Mathison retired in June 2008 after 36 years of serving as the senior minister of Frazer Memorial United Methodist Church, several friends prayed with him about his next stage of ministry. Out of these prayerful conversations came the formation of a non-profit ministry designated as the John Ed Mathison Leadership Ministries.

The Board of Directors was suggested and incorporation papers were developed.

The following mission statement was adopted:
The purpose, first and foremost, is to bring honor and glory to the Kingdom of God. John Ed will accomplish this by speaking at churches, conferences, and leadership training programs on a local, national and global scale. He will also be participating in leadership activities within the United Methodist Church. One of the major objectives of this ministry will be to provide training opportunities for young pastors. He will share with them the best practices that he has developed over the last forty-five years. We believe that John Ed, with the leading of the Holy Spirit, can affect the Kingdom of God in such a way in the next few years as to exceed all his previous outstanding accomplishments.

This mission statement will be carried out by:

  • Sharing best practices learned in 45 years of ministry
  • Preaching in local churches
  • Preaching in District and Annual Conference events
  • Preaching in laity rallies and summits
  • Preaching in Fellowship of Christian Athlete events
  • Teaching leadership principles to Pastors
  • Teaching Pastors how to deploy laity as ministers
  • Teaching stewardship seminars for Pastors and laity
  • Coaching Pastors
  • Connecting people with leadership resources
  • Serving on the United Methodist Publishing House Board
  • Serving as Chairman of the Southeastern Jurisdictional Episcopacy committee