Update on John Ed’s Surgery

Dear Friends,
Thank you so much for praying for John Ed’s hip surgery.  He went in to surgery around noon yesterday.  After the surgery, Dr. Sheils had a big smile on his face and gave us 2 thumbs-up.  John Ed had an excellent night, and he is feeling very good today.  We ask you to please continue praying for his healing and a good recovery.
We are very blessed by all of you!   Praise God from whom all blessings flow!
Lynn Mathison and family

Special Prayer Request

Dear Friends,
Please pray for John Ed as he will be preaching at the morning worship at Stuart Auditorium at Lake Junaluska, NC this Sunday, August 6.  He will then be participating in a 4-day seminar, Monday through Thursday, entitled “Festival of Wisdom and Grace” at Lake Junaluska.  He will be speaking each day.
Upon returning home, he will speak at a business in Montgomery on Friday morning, August 11, then drive to Andalusia, Alabama for the Iron Works “Men of Steel” Conference.  It will be held at the Covington Center Arena.  He will join Crawford Loritts and Sid Bream and Matt Papa.  He will be speaking Friday night and Saturday morning.
John Ed will be then speaking at the Springhill United Methodist Church Homecoming in Greenville, Alabama on Sunday morning, August 13.  Jake Fannin is their pastor.
(Below is a promotional flyer for the Iron Works event.)
Needless to say, these are excellent opportunities for our ministry.  Thank you for your prayers!
Board of Directors,
John Ed Mathison Leadership Ministries
Men of Steel flyer 7-17 (1)

Thank you for your prayers!

Dear Friends,
Thank you for your prayers.  God put me in the right place to meet Dr. Todd Sheils and his medical team.  I feel like I have experienced a miracle!
I am doing great!  I don’t have any pain.  I can stand up straight and put weight on my left hip.  I should be off the walking cane next week.
While it is mostly precautionary, I will continue to be on heavy antibiotics for about three more weeks, but it doesn’t really affect me adversely.  My doctors want to be sure there is no possibility of an infection.
I will be back to normal activities in about a week or so.  I have several ministry opportunities scheduled for this Spring and Summer. 
Your prayers have been special to me!
For the Cause of causes,
John Ed Mathison

Update on my surgery

Dear Friends,

Thank you so much for all your prayers this past week.  Great news – I am going home!!!!  (As of this publication, John Ed is at home.)

God provided people who connected me with Dr. Todd Sheils at East Alabama Medical Center.  I don’t think there is a finer doctor who could have performed my third hip surgery, which was a challenge.  Every doctor and nurse and administrator was exceptional.  I feel blessed.  It could not have gone better.

I will have some antibiotic treatment and will use a walker as a precautionary measure for a couple of weeks.  I have no pain, and the next time you see me I won’t be limping!!

This experience was a blessing to have doctors and a medical staff pray before they performed their ministry of healing.  What I dreaded turned out to be a blessing!  Thanks for praying for that.

For the Cause of causes,

John Ed

Update on John Ed’s surgery

Dear Friends,
Thank you so much for your prayers on behalf of John Ed.  He had his hip surgery this morning.  Dr. Todd Sheils, his surgeon, was able to replace the cup and stabilize John Ed’s mobility.  He reported unexpected infection was present and will require 6-8 weeks of aggressive antibiotics.  He will stay in the hospital until the first part of next week as of now.  Prayers are still needed for the infection to clear up.  Revisions in John Ed’s schedule will be forthcoming.
We appreciate your support and continued prayers.
Lynn Mathison and Family

Special Prayer Request

February 14, 2017

Dear Friends,

Our Board wanted you to know that John Ed will be having hip revision surgery at East Alabama Medical Center on Wednesday, February 15.  Dr. Todd Sheils is his doctor.  This is the hip that was replaced in 1998, and it received a new liner in 2003. 

Please pray for John Ed, his doctor, staff, John Ed’s family, and all those involved. 

You will continue to receive his new blogs each week as John Ed has prepared those in advance, and he has recorded his one-minute radio and Facebook spots for the next few weeks.

In His Service,

John Ed Mathison Leadership Ministries

Board of Directors

A Message from Our Board Chairman

Dear Friends,

All of us face situations in life where a person dies and we want to make some response to the family. We might send flowers or offer a memorial gift.

I have adopted the practice of making a memorial contribution to the John Ed Mathison Leadership Ministries when it is appropriate to give something to a family as a memorial gift. I believe in this ministry and know that the memorial gift will be strategically used.

I have also done this in situations where a gift to a person would be appropriate, but it is difficult to select a gift. A gift to this ministry in honor of someone has been well received by the person and the families being honored.

The John Ed Mathison Leadership Ministries immediately sends a note to the family or the person indicating that a memorial or honorarium has been given. Included is a notation indicating the website address so that the people can learn more about the ministry to see how the gift will be used. The gift is tax deductible and is something that will last longer than a tangible gift or flowers.

Periodically the website will carry a listing of memorial gifts and honorariums indicating the person or family to whom the gift is given, and the name of the person who gave it.

The members of the Board of Directors endorse this practice. The purpose of this note is to simply inform you of this possibility when you feel you would like to give a memorial or honorarium gift.

If you desire to make a memorial or honorarium gift to someone, you can send your check to

John Ed Mathison Leadership Ministries

J.A.M. Executive Suite 4

4131 Carmichael Road

Montgomery, AL 36106

The ministry will then send acknowledgements to you and the person honored or memorialized.

Thank you for your prayers for our Board and for the John Ed Mathison Leadership Ministries.

In His Service,

Mike Henig

Board Chairman