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Holy Communion — The Lord’s Supper


During our television ministry at Frazer, I discovered that many people could not attend worship and receive Holy Communion. When Frazer observed The Lord’s Supper, I had a segment of time with those people watching on television where they could secure some elements, and I would bless the elements and then receive Holy Communion with them via television. Many, many people commented on how important that was.

I have recorded a segment to allow people to receive Holy Communion by our digital ministry. This is very important, not only during Christmas and New Years but at different times during the year. An entire family can celebrate the sacrament together with a homebound person, and make it a part of a special family worship experience.

To participate with me via digital ministry, please


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Looking at Life Thru God's Glasses: Negative Circumstances or Positive Responses – Part 10

Looking at Life Thru God’s Glasses: Negative Circumstances or Positive Responses – Part 10

July 21, 2021

LOOKING AT LIFE THRU GOD’S GLASSES: NEGATIVE CIRCUMSTANCES OR POSITIVE RESPONSES – PART 10 What we see in life depends on the glasses through which we are looking. When we look through human glasses, we can only see negative circumstances. When... more »

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People are always asking me, "John Ed, how can I help and be part of your Ministry?" I usually answer -- "In whatever way you feel God is leading you." You see, people like to help and give support in different ways. Some are led to give of their time by spreading the word of our Ministry, while others are led to give financially. We greatly appreciate any and all support for helping us spread the Gospel.

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