The Boston Celtics set a new record for the most NBA championships on June 18, 2024, when they beat the Dallas Mavericks to win number 18. That puts them one ahead of the Los Angeles Lakers. I was glad to see the Boston Celtics win for the following reasons:

  1. Their coach Joe Mazzulla wore a unique black coaching shirt each game with a silver emblem on it. It was a cross. Every shirt he wore had a cross on it. When he was interviewed after the winning game, he didn’t put on the NBA Championship t-shirt, but put on one that said, “But first—let me thank God.” He explained that his faith was the most important thing in his life. Everything else falls into place when faith is in first place—the right place. He is my kind of coach! (Read Matthew 6:33)
  1. When the Celtic players were interviewed, each of them began with acknowledging the goodness of God. Their best player, JasonTatum, was asked how he performed so well year after year. He said that God had given him the talent and a place to play where he could utilize his talent to the best of his ability. He thanked God for that. Other players interviewed first acknowledged God before answering questions. (Read Mtthew 10:32)
  1. The Celtics play as a team. They have some great individual stars, but they pride themselves on teamwork. When they put all five players around the perimeter, and each one can shoot threes or drive, they are considered to be “practically unstoppable.” They usually make two or three extra passes in order to give a teammate a better shot to score. They put as much emphasis on the number of assists as they do points scored. (Read Matthew 5:41)
  1. I heard about the Dallas Mavericks doing some trash talking before the Series. They publicly stated that Jaylen Brown was the Celtic’s best player. That was intended to be an indication of how weak their team might be. Guess who the most valuable player in the Series was—Jaylen Brown! His teammates were going to be sure that he had a good series, and he exceeded their expectations. (Read Ecclesiastes 4:12)
  1. The coach, Joe Mazzulla, and team members gave credit to the Celtics who had gone before them and won the 17 NBA Championships. They loved looking up at the ceiling and seeing all the championship banners and giving thanks to the people who made their opportunities possible. It’s a great message to us in America during this 4th of July time when we need to be more mindful of what the people in the past have done for us and given us the freedoms that we enjoy. (Read Deuteronomy 6:10-12)

The Celtics were the sixth team to win the NBA Championship in the last six years—a different team every year. If the Celtics continue to practice these kinds of fundamental principles, I predict that the streak of a different team winning every year will be broken next year!

The Celtics practice a lot of Biblical principles that are so applicable in the church, in business, and my personal life. Let’s learn and live these lessons from the best basketball team in the world.

How is your team doing?

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