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As 2014 comes to a close I wanted to give a brief recap of the John Ed Mathison Leadership Ministries for 2014 to those of you who are so supportive through your prayers and finances.  Here are some of the highlights of preaching/teaching:

· 4-day Pastors Conference in Bogota, Columbia                                                    · 5-day Pastors Conference in New Delhi, India                                                     · 5-day Pastors Conference in Chennai, India                                                   · Coaches Conference for High School and College Coaches in Alabama-West Florida · Memphis Theological Seminary                                                                                   · E. Stanley Jones Ashram in West Monroe, LA                                                   · Synergy Conference for International Pastors in Orlando                                   · African American Episcopal Pastors and Lay Leaders of Alabama                         · Creativity Conference at Disney in Orlando                                                        · African-American History month on leadership at Troy University                        · United Methodists Foundation Directors for the Southeast                                     · Holy Spirit Conference at Blue Lake                                                              · President’s weekend in Florida for Oakland City University                            · Preached twice at Vaughn Forest Baptist Church in Montgomery, AL                   · 3-day Preaching Mission at First United Methodist Church, Manchester, TN        · 3-day Preaching Mission at First Baptist Church, Eufaula, AL                               · 3-day Preaching Mission at First United Methodist Church, Florence, AL              · 3-day Preaching Mission at Danville, VA                                                                · 3-day Preaching Mission at First United Methodist Church, Stuttgart, AR              · 3-day Preaching Mission at First United Methodist Church, Monroe, LA               · 3-day Preaching Mission at Walnut Creek United Methodist Church, Clanton, AL · Bethlehem Camp Meeting in Bonifay, FL                                                               · Shiloh Camp Meeting in Brandon, MS                                                                  · Hutchinson Missionary Baptist Church , Montgomery, AL                                  · Millbrook United Methodist Church                                                                          · New Prospect United Methodist Church, Dadeville, AL                                      · Eclectic United Methodist Church                                                                                 · 4 Sundays at Auburn United Methodist Church                                                       · First United Methodist Church, Dalton, GA                                                         · Church in the Pines at Lake Martin                                                                       · Ramer United Methodist Church                                                                       · Camden United Methodist Church                                                                             · Mt. Gillard Missionary Baptist in Montgomery                                                                · Mt. Horeb United Methodist Church in Lexington, SC                                              · First United Methodist Church, Lawrenceville, GA                                              · Eclectic Baptist Church                                                                                  · Graduation address at Oakland City University in Indiana                                       · Officiated at 6 weddings and 5 funerals                                                         · Opportunities to speak in several civic clubs, athletic teams, Sunday School classes,  etc.                                                                                                                            · Each week day 1-minute audio devotional thought which is placed on my Facebook page and is carried by four radio stations                                                                       · A weekly blog which most of you receive and is carried in a couple of newspapers · Individual coaching for some Pastors

God has opened a lot of doors in 2014.  Your support has made it possible to walk through those doors.  Thank you!

Please pray for us in 2015.

John Ed Mathison


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