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Forty years ago Alvin and Heidi Toffler wrote a landmark book about predictions called Future Shock. Six million copies were sold. Many of the phrases used in that book are now common to us. They coined phrases like “information overload,” “digital revolution,” “knowledge age,” “rate of change,” “power shifts,” etc.

To celebrate the 40th anniversary Toffler and some of his protégés are now releasing “40 For The Next 40.” They are predicting trends that will shape the world from now to 2050.

Some of their areas of predictions deal with politics, technology, economics, environment and social networks.

I don’t expect to be living here in 2050 to see if his predictions come true. I am interested in the future and would like to make some predictions for the next forty years. I’m confident my predictions are good for my lifetime – and for the next 40 years. Here goes:

I predict…

  • Man will still be sinful and will seek ways to work out his own life, but these efforts will be fruitless.
  • Jesus will still be transforming lives by His grace.
  • God will love each of us even more in 2050.
  • God will still be in charge of all situations.
  • Auburn and Alabama fans will still be arguing about who has the best football program.
  • Politicians will still be making promises.
  • The key to evangelism will still be “people bring people to Christ and the church.”
  • The churches that are effective will be those who empower laity to utilize their gifts to do meaningful ministry.
  • Jesus will still be amused and heartbroken over the things that separate Christians from each other.
  • The best paycheck people in 2050 get will not come from the company for which they work but from the realization that their life is making a difference in the lives of other people. They will be experiencing how to lose their life in Jesus’ ministry, and thus discover life.
  • The Bible will still be the only reliable guide for living.
  • God will still be looking for people through whom He can bring revival and renewal.

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