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Who Wins?

Who Wins? Many people are talking about how the church is losing its witness to the world. They especially talk about how college students are turning away from faith. Here... more »

Exercise Your Memory

Exercise Your Memory In 1863 some women in Columbus, Mississippi went out to the local cemetery to place flowers on the graves of the Confederate soldiers. They noticed a section... more »

50 Years Later

50 Years Later Our oldest grandchild, Eddie Parma, just graduated from Auburn University. He now starts on his Doctorate Degree in the area of clinical psychology and Christian counseling. We... more »

Loyalty Day

Loyalty Day How did you celebrate May 1? It was designated as a special day by a lot of groups. It was Law Day—it was Met Gala Day—it was Sing... more »

A Huge Name Change

A Huge Name Change Ft. Benning, Georgia’s name is being changed on May 11, 2023. It will now be known as Ft. Moore. The military base is being named after... more »

Are You a Millionaire?

Are You a Millionaire? You are a millionaire! That’s right—you are a millionaire! Let me explain. What if someone said that they would give you one million dollars in exchange... more »

The Savannah Bananas

The Savannah Bananas Baseball season is underway. Montgomery has a fine professional class AA baseball team, the Montgomery Biscuits. We are only a couple of hours away from the Atlanta... more »

When Gifts and Needs Meet!

When Gifts and Needs Meet! Our world is filled with people with gifts and people with needs. Part of what I think God wants to do is match up people’s... more »

March Madness or March Gladness

March Madness or March Gladness March Madness is a time when people like to predict winners of basketball games. Millions of people fill out March Madness brackets to show their... more »

The Perfect Purpose-Driven Life

The Perfect Purpose-Driven Life The greatest example in history of a person’s life who was totally focused on fulfilling His purpose was the life of Jesus. Rick Warren made popular... more »

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