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Difference-Makers in 2020

DIFFERENCE-MAKERS IN 2020 I’ve been impressed by how some professional football players have looked beyond themselves to be a difference-maker during the COVID-19 pandemic. 2020 has produced a lot of... more »

A Doctor’s Appointment

A DOCTOR’S APPOINTMENT People who accomplish the most in life are people of vision. This makes it necessary for each of us to check our vision. I go annually to... more »

The January Jump

THE JANUARY JUMP A small vision will never influence big people. If you have a small-sized vision, ask God to help you supersize it to His God-sized vision for you.... more »

What Do You Expect?

WHAT DO YOU EXPECT? One of the greatest football coaches Alabama has produced was Ralph “Shug” Jordan. He was the head football coach at Auburn for twenty-four years and had... more »

A New Dress Code

A NEW DRESS CODE What is the proper dress code for Christmas and the days following Christmas? In Colossians 3:12-14, Paul gives us a new dress code of seven garments... more »

What Are You Giving for Christmas?

WHAT ARE YOU GIVING FOR CHRISTMAS? There are just a few shopping days left. Do you still need a few gifts? Here are some Biblical gift suggestions for your special... more »

Timeless Truths – For Turbulent Times

Turbulent times don’t last – Timeless Truths do! Unprecedented situations need precedented solutions. God doesn’t always take you out of a storm, but He can always take the storm out of you. Timeless Truths lead people to do the right thing and make it difficult for them to do the... more »


Got a Minute 365 Daily Inspirational Messages

This book has a one-minute devotional for each weekday with a reflection question. People are encouraged to develop a journal of answers to each day’s question. Saturdays & Sundays are in bullet-point format. They contain many of the concepts and quotes that John Ed has used.


What is a Saint?

WHAT IS A SAINT? I preached at the First United Methodist Church in Ozark, AL, in November 2020. I shared that one of the most unusual things that has happened... more »

Lemons, Limes, and Life

LEMONS, LIMES, AND LIFE Life is lived daily. When you look at things each day, what do you see? Two people can look at the same thing and see something... more »

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Timeless Truths For Turbulent TImes
Got A Minute?
John Ed's book "Quotient Quizzes: What's Your Score?"
John Ed Mathison's book Change Change! How to Creatively Cope with Change
John Ed Mathison's book Transformed Living in Tough Times
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