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Do You Have It?

Do You Have It? An Orange County democrat in California is one of the persons running to unseat Representative Michelle Steel in Congress. Adaitya Pai sent out an email telling... more »

A Leap Day Leaping Lesson

A Leap Day Leaping Lesson February 29 is Leap Day. The last leap day was four years ago. If you are one of the millions of people born on February... more »

The Greatest Sermon Ever!

The Greatest Sermon Ever! He is seventy-nine years old. He could be sitting back playing dominoes or golf or watching television. Instead, he feels like his best days of witness... more »

Irrelevant or Relevant?

Irrelevant or Relevant? Brock Purdy was the last person chosen in the 2022 NFL draft. That person receives the title “Mr. Irrelevant.” Nobody wanted him. The San Francisco 49ers took... more »


SEE—SAY—SUPPORT In 2008, the housing market in Montgomery was taking a downturn. Jerrod Dorminey was self-employed at his own company, Dorminey Interiors Trim. He was very good at making cabinets... more »

Let Go and Trust God

Let Go and Trust God I had the privilege of preaching at Redland Hills Church at two morning worship services in January 2024. Wes Gunn is the pastor. The church... more »

A Real Winner

A Real Winner One of the exciting, successful, young professional football players this year has been C.J. Stroud, a rookie quarterback for the Houston Texans. He has had an incredible... more »


YES PRIZE! When I first saw that Valiant Cross Academy had won the YASS Prize of $1 million, I thought it said the “YES” prize and I began thinking about... more »

I Believe in Miracles

I Believe in Miracles On December 13, I wrote about the miracle that is occurring at Valiant Cross Academy. Eight years ago, people thought it would be impossible for them... more »

God Redefines the Possible

God Redefines the Possible Last week I wrote about the language of Christmas and the importance of speaking it. As we enter 2024, I want to add another aspect of... more »

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