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The Meaning of Memorial Day

THE MEANING OF MEMORIAL DAY What is the meaning of Memorial Day? It’s appalling how few people realize the depth of its meaning for the freedoms we enjoy today. A... more »

Remembering a Friend

REMEMBERING A FRIEND During the pandemic, I officiated at the home-going of a great Christian businessman and friend, Bobby Norment. He led Norment Industries in Montgomery to become a successful... more »


INFLATION Inflation is the highest that it has been in 40 years. It was recently reported at 8.5%. That’s high! Some people who are being blamed for the rising inflation... more »

Season of Conferring Degrees

SEASON OF CONFERRING DEGREES This is the season for conferring degrees. Centenary is a private college in Hackettstown, New Jersey. It has about 1,100 students. The university president, Bruce Murphy,... more »

What Do You See?

WHAT DO YOU SEE? It’s always easy to see what is wrong rather than what is right in situations. John D. Rockefeller was head of Standard Oil Company. A man... more »

Communicating the Complete Message

COMMUNICATING THE COMPLETE MESSAGE I have had the opportunity to give training to about twelve thousand pastors since establishing this leadership ministry fourteen years ago. I think the area where... more »

Seven Words From the Cross

SEVEN WORDS FROM THE CROSS Our salvation is through the cross. Let’s read and listen to the seven last words of Jesus on the cross: The PARDONING word: Luke 23:32-38... more »

Eye Exam: Foresight – Part 3

EYE EXAM: FORESIGHT – PART 3 Not only do we need to have good hindsight of the past and good insight for the present, but we also need good foresight... more »

Eye Exam: Insight – Part 2

EYE EXAM: INSIGHT – PART 2 Hindsight deals with our past. Insight deals with our present. Insight is being able to look and see what something really means and apply... more »

Eye Exam: Hindsight – Part 1

EYE EXAM: HINDSIGHT – PART 1 One area in life where we need to have good eyesight is in hindsight. Read the following as an eye exam to determine how... more »

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