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Opportunity – See It or Seize It?

OPPORTUNITY – SEE IT OR SEIZE IT? Before the days of modern harbors, a ship had to wait for the flood tide before it could make it to port. They... more »

God’s Heart Exam

GOD’S HEART EXAM Words are extremely important. The Bible says if you want to determine who a person really is, listen to the words they speak. “A man’s speech is... more »

Who Fixes the Broken?

WHO FIXES THE BROKEN? So many people today are hurting, misguided, looking for answers, and feeling totally inadequate and broken. Many of them go for help in places that falsely... more »

A Trade That Made Headlines

A TRADE THAT MADE HEADLINES When you are a baseball pitcher, there are a lot of different ways to get your name in the headlines. You can pitch a no-hitter,... more »

Check That Tree!

CHECK THAT TREE! Gene and Edna Ward invited my brother George and his wife, Monteigne, and Lynn and me to meet with them on a recent Sunday afternoon. They wanted... more »


EVERY I was speaking recently for the 7th consecutive year to the Fellowship of Christian Athletes Coaches Family Conference. I am so impressed by the quality and quantity of coaches... more »

What’s Your Reaction?

WHAT’S YOUR REACTION? The Gallup Poll just reported that belief in God dropped to 81% among Americans, the lowest ever reported! Belief in God has been one of the reliable... more »

Inflation, Shrinkflation, Salvation

INFLATION, SHRINKFLATION, SALVATION I wrote recently about how people are dealing with inflation. Since then, inflation has risen to 8.6%! It is a major problem, and it is being handled... more »

Two Ways to Look at Life

TWO WAYS TO LOOK AT LIFE There are two ways to look at life. One way is to be an “if only” person who is always talking about if only... more »

It’s Your Choice

IT’S YOUR CHOICE When you wake up in the morning, you can either say “Good morning, Lord, help me make this a great day,” or you can say, “Good Lord,... more »

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