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Athletic Accomplishments

ATHLETIC ACCOMPLISHMENTS COVID-19 has provided a platform for some people to really excel in athletics in unbelievable ways. They are turning the tough times into terrific things! Here are four... more »

A More Perfect Union

A MORE PERFECT UNION On November 3rd, leaders at many levels of government will be elected. We have that election because our forefathers saw elections as a vital part of... more »

Focus On What God Can Do

FOCUS ON WHAT GOD CAN DO During tough times, it’s easy to focus on how bad things are and forget how big God is. Your focus has a big influence... more »

The Bear

THE BEAR SEC football has finally started! The SEC has had some great coaches in its history. Many consider Bear Bryant the most influential. Bear coached at the University of... more »

Does Age Matter?

DOES AGE MATTER? COVID-19 has taught us a lot of things about life. One thing we’ve learned is that age is not a factor when we need to reach out... more »

Greener Grass or Artificial Turf?

GREENER GRASS OR ARTIFICIAL TURF? Some people go through life trying to find a reason why they’re not successful where they are. They feel like the grass is greener on... more »

Getting or Giving

GETTING OR GIVING Doris Buffett was the older sister of Warren Buffet, one of the richest men in the world. Warren announced in 2006 that he wanted to donate most... more »

I Didn’t Expect That!

I DIDN’T EXPECT THAT! Rafael Nadal is a 19-time Grand Slam Tennis champion. When I retired from Frazer in 2008, the church gave Lynn and me tickets to attend the... more »

PANdemic or PLANdemic?

PANDEMIC OR PLANDEMIC? This is a tough time in which we are living. But we choose whether it is a PANdemic or a PLANdemic. A PANdemic is a widespread outbreak... more »

Next Level Commitment

NEXT LEVEL COMMITMENT Soo Seok Yang is an outstanding Christian young man in Montgomery. I’ve served with him on several things here in Montgomery. He is a lawyer with Beasley... more »

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