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A Visit I’ll Never Forget!

A VISIT I’LL NEVER FORGET! When I finished college, I was invited to play basketball on the Venture for Victory Basketball Team, which traveled throughout Asian countries, playing basketball and... more »

How Big Is Your Vision?

HOW BIG IS YOUR VISION? When you think you might see God’s vision for you for 2022, you can test it with two choices. The first choice is to see... more »

My 7 Ups

MY 7 UPS Everyone needs a plan for living each day in 2022. My plan includes “7 ups” to help me move up each day. These “7 ups” do not refer... more »

A Stable That Brings Stability

A STABLE THAT BRINGS STABILITY We need stability in a world of chaos, confusion, uncertainty, fear, and mistrust. I believe that stability can come from only one place – the... more »

A Two-Question Christmas Quiz

A TWO-QUESTION CHRISTMAS QUIZ One of the real highlights of Christmas is the presentation of the animated classic A Charlie Brown Christmas. When Charles Schulz started thinking about creating this... more »

How Do You Remember People?

HOW DO YOU REMEMBER PEOPLE? How well do we remember people who are no longer living who have made an impact on us, our families, and our nation? How do... more »

Life Lessons – Learned From Sports

Some of the best life lessons that I have learned come from sports. In looking back over my life, I feel there are a lot of good lessons I can share that you might find helpful. Notice that the title means these are life lessons that have been learned. They... more »


God’s Supply Chain

We have some big problems concerning the effectiveness of the supply chain in getting goods and products to the proper place where people can receive them. We have experienced delays... more »

An Ebenezer Thanksgiving

AN EBENEZER THANKSGIVING Do you know what an Ebenezer is? I often sang that hymn, “Come Thy Fount of Every Blessing.” The second verse begins with “Here I raise mine... more »

How Are You Handling Anxiety, Stress, and Worry? Part Two

HOW ARE YOU HANDLING ANXIETY, STRESS, AND WORRY? PART TWO How are you dealing with anxiety, worry, and emotional stress caused by the pandemic? Last week, I suggested several dangerous... more »

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