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Special Partners in Ministry

Special Partners in Ministry I have some wonderful friends whom I have never met. God connected us through our leadership ministry. One day I am going to meet him and... more »

A Golfer’s Sermon

A Golfer’s Sermon One of the upcoming professional golfers is Harry Higgs. He recently won two tournaments in a row on the Korn Ferry Tour. He was victorious in a... more »

What a Day!!

What a Day!! Tuesday, May 21, 2024, was a huge day for me. Two great events—Dr. Anthony Leigh was announced as the new President of Huntingdon College and Valiant Cross... more »

The Jungle

The Jungle College basketball coaches say that one of the toughest places to play is in the Neville Arena in Auburn. It’s referred to as “The Jungle.” Rece Davis of... more »


K O K O My family and I moved to Montgomery in 1972 when I became pastor of Frazer. We lived for the first ten years in Carol Villa on... more »


Grawlix The University of Alabama has a new football coach following the retirement of Nick Saban. His name is Kalen DeBoer. He has a great resume and has been highly... more »

Mistaken Identity

Mistaken Identity Occasionally somebody confuses a person with someone else that they have seen or heard about. That happened to me three times in one day recently. Each mistaken identity... more »

1 Lessons from a #1 Golfer!

#1 Lessons from a #1 Golfer! On Sunday, April 14, 2024, the number one golf tournament in the world, The Masters, put the green jacket on Scottie Scheffler again. I... more »

A Winner’s Witness!

A Winner’s Witness! Women’s college basketball reached new heights of popularity during the recent NCAA tournament. The final game had a TV viewing audience of 24 million, and an average... more »


DWJD Brett Butler was a great baseball player. In the 1990s, he went in for a tonsillectomy, but discovered that there was also a malignant cancer involved. He had surgery... more »

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