A Biblical Math Formula

A Biblical Math Formula

I heard some students and teachers discussing old math and new math. I couldn’t follow the discussion because I’m not good at math. I relate to Derric Johnson who said, “There are three kinds of people in the world—those who are good at math and those who are not.” 

I propose a Biblical math formula that’s both old and new and all of us can understand. Memorize this formula: “Knowing what to add and what to subtract = multiplication. Not knowing what to add or what to subtract = division.” Now quote the formula a few times.

Let me explain. For your new life in Christ, the Bible teaches you the proper things to add and improper things to subtract. Addition of the proper things multiply joy, happiness, and purpose. Failure to subtract the improper things = division, resulting in chaos and defeat.

Here are some proper additions that multiply:

  1. New thinking. You are what you think. What a person thinks is what that person becomes. Think from a perspective of how God would think.
  2. Godly attitude. The Bible teaches that we should have the attitude of Christ. Your attitude is a result of your Godly thinking. Your attitude is more important than your aptitude in determining the altitude of your happiness and abundant living.
  3. Your language. Speak words of encouragement. Talk to yourself from the perspective of how God sees you. Speak words that focus on the possibility of what God can do through you.
  4. Humility. It’s through tough times that we discover humility.  Don’t think that you have accomplished things, but give God the credit. Humility will take you to the Throne of Grace, where you will see that you are not sitting on the throne! Replace arrogance with humility.
  5. Faith—Hope—Love—You can add additional things with the Bible as your guide. Read Colossians 3:10-15.

Here are some improper things unless subtracted = division.

  1. Jealousy. Don’t measure your joy and happiness in life by what other people have. It’s easy to become jealous because you will never have as much or as little as some people.
  2. Anger. Anger is just one letter short of danger. Anger will make you an unpleasant person who will speak and do things that are harmful to you and everyone around you.
  3. A grudge mentality. Somebody is going to do something wrong to you. If you are always looking for ways to get back at them, you will really harm yourself. Replace a grudge mentality with a forgiving spirit. Forgiven people are forgiving people.
  4. Pride. Recognize and thank God for everything that He has done for you, and don’t take credit for those accomplishments. Give God the glory.
  5. Sin—Lust—Dirty Language—You add additional things with the Bible as your guide. Read Colossians 3:5-9.

This Biblical math formula works. Proper addition and subtraction = multiplication. Improper addition and subtraction = division.

What’s your math grade?

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