A Coin and a Bracelet!

A Coin and a Bracelet!

In 1987 John Gallops was a Montgomery Police officer. Life had taken some extremely bad turns for him based on choices that he had made. He thought the best thing to do was to end it all. He put a pistol to his head standing in the company of some of his family.

God used that situation to speak to John about choices he had made and the terrible choice he was about to make. John began to think of how life could be different based on different choices. He put his gun in his holster and let God take him on a new journey.

Today he has a great ministry training first responders and police officers. In his training sessions, he gives each participant an Armor of God coin designed and produced by our chairman of the John Ed Mathison Leadership Ministries board, Mike Henig, and his reunion group. The coin is stamped with the passage from Ephesians 6:11-18 which describes the Armor of God. He tells every participant that what’s on this coin can equip them to face any situation in life.

John has passed out over 1,300 of these coins to first responders and policemen throughout Alabama. People from other states have wanted them. There are marvelous stories about the turn-around differences that this coin has made in the lives of the people he has trained.

He also gives a bracelet to every first responder and police officer. His motto is, “Make a choice—Take a stand.” He teaches that our choices determine our consequences. Right choices will lead to right consequences and right consequences always help a person take a stand for what is right.

He deals with a lot of people who have contemplated suicide or have had family or friends commit suicide. The issue of suicide is a bigger mental health issue than most of us can comprehend.

The inside of each bracelet is a “need help, call 988 or 211.” This is a place where they can get help. He also places on the inside of that bracelet the Bible verse reference of John 14:6.

Part of John’s training recognizes the fact that a person might not be ready to turn his life over to God at that moment. It is trying to help people make a choice that will lead them to better choices that will eventually lead them to the best choice. He encourages men to make a choice to be a better father and husband. He encourages all people to make a choice that will lead to something better in life.

Our ministry has these Armor of God coins for $2.00 each. You can carry it in your pocket or purse. Several times a day when you reach for your keys or change, you feel that coin as a reminder to put on the whole armor of God.

We are in a battle. We are involved in spiritual warfare. You will never win the battle unless you are wearing the right kind of armor. Read John 14:6 again.

John has a non-profit ministry, 1 to 1 Foundation. His website is www.1to1foundation.org.  God is using him to distribute a coin and bracelet to share the change God can make in any life.

What new choice do you need to make today? What stand do you need to take? Are you dressed for the battle? Do you have on the full Armor of God?

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