A Golfer’s Sermon

A Golfer’s Sermon

One of the upcoming professional golfers is Harry Higgs. He recently won two tournaments in a row on the Korn Ferry Tour.

He was victorious in a playoff at the Knoxville Open on May 27, 2024. He received the trophy and had an opportunity to speak. Remember that the Korn Ferry Tour is just under the PGA Tour and all the players are looking for victories and enough points to get a card to play on the PGA Tour. The Knoxville Open was a big step for Harry Higgs.

He confessed that his brief speech would be out of the norm. He apologized if people were expecting something else, but he had something he wanted to say—wanted everybody to hear it.

He began by honoring Grayson Murray. Grayson was thirty years old and played on the PGA Tour. He had actually won a couple of PGA Tournaments. He was playing in the Charles Swabb Challenge and finished the first two rounds. He then dropped out on Friday, May 25, citing the fact that he had an illness. He caught a plane back to Florida. The golf world learned on Saturday that he had died. His parents reported he had taken his own life on Saturday.

Higgs knew Murray well. After acknowledging Murray, Higgs said he would like to say some things not just to the golf world, but to every person.

Higgs said, “We lost yesterday morning one of our own, somebody who went through a lot of difficult things. Somebody who was open and honest about it. I thought about this moment and how I could remember Grayson. This golf stuff and the result is lovely sure, but it’s just not that meaningful.”

“One thing that I thought of last night when I was lying in bed, is I am telling everybody here—and I’m going to do this myself as well—each day say something nice to the ones you love and also make it a point to say something nice to somebody you do not even know.”

“The world is a difficult place and getting more difficult. I have been blessed with great parents and a great support system. I haven’t had serious battles mentally. The Lord knows how many people do have them and it’s only ever increasing.”

“Everybody here could be a difference—the difference. Lighten up somebody’s day, it could mean the world to them.”

Higgs’ victory speech was one of the better sermons preached on that Sunday.  Each of us encounters people who are struggling. Everybody needs a kind, encouraging word. None of us ever knows what lies around the next corner for us or for others.

If you are struggling today, God can meet you where you are and give you what you need to win that battle, which is more important than winning any golf tournament. I hope you surround yourself with people who encourage you and are honest with you in helping you. We need each other.

The answer to all issues in life is found in a relationship to God through His Son, Jesus Christ. If you are not sure of that relationship, please talk with a Christ follower who can help you experience the victory of making that decision.

I don’t play golf, but I really liked Harry Higgs’ sermon. I plan to practice it. Will you join me?

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