A Leap Day Leaping Lesson

A Leap Day Leaping Lesson

February 29 is Leap Day. The last leap day was four years ago. If you are one of the millions of people born on February 29, it’s your birthday! How will the birthday people and the rest of us celebrate Leap Day? Listen to David and make February 29, and every day, a leap day.

David discovered that his faith in God opened immense possibilities. He wrote, “In God’s strength, I can leap over a wall.” (Psalm 18:29) Wow! Now that’s a leap—that’s Olympic leaping!

You might not be able to go around, or through, or tear down walls, but God can provide a way to leap over the wall. Let me suggest a few walls that we need to be leaping over today:

  1. The Wall of Worry. Of all the things that are confronting us in modern day society, our propensity to worry is at an all-time high. Worry saps our energy. Worry causes us to deal mentally with a lot of things that never happen. Worry is exhausting. Worry never solves the problems of tomorrow, but it does steal your energy today.
    Jesus told us that we didn’t need to worry if we really believe that God is in charge. He points to the birds in the air and flowers in the field and how God takes care of them. No worrying!
    If birds and flowers get the picture, why can’t we humans? By God’s grace and power and strength, you can leap over the wall of worry!

  1. The Wall of Envy. When we look around us and see what other people have, it’s easy for us to become envious of what they have. Envy can eat through your creativity, your motivation, and your strength to enjoy every day.
    God can change our focus from looking at what we don’t have to giving thanks for what we do have. I have never met a thankful person who had a real problem with envy. The focus is so different. The focus is outward rather than inward.
    By God’s grace, you can leap over the wall of envy!

  1. The Wall of Discrimination. More and more people are coming into the world that are not just like me. They come from different tribes and different races of people. I can choose to be ugly, offensive, and discriminate against other people or love and respect other people.
    I have been blessed in Montgomery to work with a lot of people of different races trying to create Unity in our Community. A wall exists between people of different races, and that wall is tall and high, but it is not too high that God can’t help people leap over it!
    I often times thought that the wall was too high for me. I acted in a discriminatory way. When I discovered that God is color blind, my life has been greatly enriched.
    Racism is a nasty wall that cramps the creativity and the possibilities of any person who participates in it. People who by God grace leap over the wall discover new venues of possibilities in all relationships.

You can face the walls of injustice, selfishness, greed, pride, addiction, and other walls you can add to the list. I believe that it doesn’t matter what the wall is, God can do for you and for me what He did for David—”In God’s strength, I can leap over a wall.” God can give unlimited leaping ability, not just on Leap Day or Leap Year, but every day of every year!

It’s leaping time!

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