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Steven Rummage tells an interesting story about Bill Wohl.  Bill had been kept alive for 149 days by a temporary artificial heart.  He needed a transplant.

Michael Brady was a stuntman for Universal Studios.  He was preparing to parachute onto the top of a train.  As he was climbing up the ladder on the side of the train to check some of his props, he accidently fell hitting his head and dying instantly.  Michael’s body was taken to the University Medical Center in Tucson, Arizona.  There his heart was transplanted into Bill Wohl.

Six months after receiving his new heart, Bill Wohl received a letter from Michael Brady’s family.  They sent a picture of Michael and told him about the 36-year-old Hollywood stuntman.

Bill saw in the picture that Michael was a super fit, incredibly good looking guy.  He couldn’t believe that young guy’s heart was now transplanted in him.  He said, “I was an overweight guy pursuing a wild lifestyle.  I was in terrible condition.”

When he realized that he had a new opportunity with a new heart, he changed his whole lifestyle and started competing in swimming, cycling, and track and winning performance medals.

Bill Wohl in a recent interview in his Scottsdale condo said, “Everyday, all day, I thank God for Michael Brady.  When I ride, when I work out – the biggest thing is to honor him.”  A new heart has changed his life.

A new heart makes us new people.  If an overweight, out of shape man can totally change his physical makeup because of a heart transplant, think what happens spiritually when Jesus gives us a new heart.  We don’t think, talk, or act the same.  Our outward actions are governed by the new inward heart.

One of the greatest phone calls I ever received was from one of my grandson’s.  He simply said, “Pop Pop, guess what?  Today I gave my heart to Jesus.”  That is the best news any grandparent can ever hear.

I was preaching recently in a large Baptist Church that is without a preacher.  One of the staff members there had grown up in Frazer.  I never will forget visiting with him when he was a little boy attending children’s elementary camp.  He said, “John Ed I found a new friend –Jesus. He changed my life.  I am a new person.  He has given me a new heart.”  That young man is now part of that church staff.

A great contemporary song is “Change My Heart Oh God.”

Change my heart oh God,                                                                                           Make it ever true.                                                                                                    Change my heart oh God,                                                                                             May I be like You.

You are the potter,                                                                                                              I am the clay,                                                                                                               Mold me and make me,                                                                                                This is what I pray.

God has a new heart for every person who is willing to receive it!

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