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A month ago I preached three morning worship services at the Christ United Methodist Church in Memphis, Tennessee. I also had an opportunity to do some television recordings with the Pastor Emeritus Dr. Maxie Dunnam and the current Pastor Dr. Shane Stanford.

Christ Church is one of the flagship churches of the United Methodist Church. It is the largest Methodist Church in that Annual Conference, having over 6,000 members. It has also been instrumental in supporting the Confessing Movement, a renewal movement within the United Methodist Church.

Another friend and former minister, Dr. Bill Bouknight, recently wrote about how that church was founded by Dr. Charles Grant. At the funeral for Dr. Grant, his brother Ed, also a pastor, spoke about their mother.

Mrs. Grant had three sons whom she raised. Her husband had an alcohol problem which caused him to lose two grocery stores that he owned. He died early because of alcoholism. Mrs. Grant had to raise those boys in near poverty.

The boys recalled coming in at night and trying to get to bed without turning on any lights. They often tripped over their mother’s feet as she knelt in prayer. She loved Jesus and the church. In Mt. Vernon, Illinois, it didn’t matter how deep the snow was on Sunday, you better hold church because Mrs. Grant and her three boys would be there!

Mrs. Grant had severe physical challenges. She lost two other children as infants. She suffered circulation problems in her legs, and all of her life her legs were swollen and painful.

She was a praying mother and God answered her prayers. All three of her boys were Godly Christian leaders. The oldest, Lawrence, was a missionary to China. Charles was the founding pastor of Christ United Methodist Church in Memphis.

Never underestimate the power of a praying mother. The greatest gift a mother can give to her children is not only child birth, but rebirth into God’s kingdom and praying passionately that they might discover and live in God’s purpose. My brother George and I were blessed to have a praying mother!

A powerful picture of a praying mother is recorded in I Samuel. Hannah was in deep anguish crying bitterly as she prayed to the Lord. (v. 10) She prayed with a vow that if God would answer her prayer and give her a son, she would give him back to God. (v.11) The end of that chapter shows how God gave her a son, and she gave him back to God. (vs. 24-28)

Notice the ingredients of a praying mother. Hannah prayed a prayer that seemed impossible to answer. Nothing is impossible with God, so He answered and gave her a son, Samuel. God was faithful in answering her prayer, then she was faithful in her promise to give Samuel back to God.

Christ United Methodist Church Memphis stands today as a strong beacon for God’s truth and witness in Memphis. While it is a huge church today, it can be traced back to a praying mother!

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