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During this time of Advent preparation, I want to share with you an incident that a friend of mine, Bishop Joe Pennel, shared.

“I have a friend whose son is a student in a faraway college.  This young freshman had not been home since he left in mid-August, but he was expected to return for Thanksgiving.  Prior to his homecoming, the family spent their energy getting ready for his arrival.  For days, the family anticipated the coming of their child.  Preparations were made.  His favorite foods were prepared.  His room was spruced up and made ready.  Members of the family planned to be home for his visit.  The actions of the family had meaning and purpose because their present had been shaped by a future event.  Likewise, if we believe in the coming of the Kingdom of God, then the Church will try to live every day in anticipation of that event.

But, as we all know, to prepare for a future event is difficult if we do not know when the event will occur.  If we did not know when Christmas would come, then it would be difficult to shape our lives around that expectation.  If we did not know when our daughter would be returning home from a long journey, then it would be hard to prepare for her homecoming.

We do know when Jesus came the first time at Christmas.  We don’t know when He will again.  Let’s be ready for both!

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