An August Phenomenon?

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Something phenomenal is happening in August! This phenomenon only happens once every 823 years!

Social media has advertised that in August 2014 you will experience five Fridays, five Saturdays, and five Sundays!  You will never get the opportunity to experience this phenomenon again (unless you are alive in 2847).

This phenomenon has gotten a lot of attention through social media.  It is a fascinating thing – except that it is not true.  There are other months of August where five Fridays, five Saturdays, and five Sundays do occur.  Check out 2003 and 2008.

Another aspect of this phenomenon is that the Chinese refer to it as “silver pockets full.”  The internet has attributed a lot of myths to this.  One involves mysticism that indicates certain things can be done if a pocket (some kind of container) is placed so that silver dollars can strangely appear to fill it.  Some people have given suggestions of other ways that you can get rich during this period.  Some chain letters indicate that you have to send the letter forward in order to receive money.  It also says that bad things can happen if you don’t send the letter on.

Let me suggest that you don’t send the letter forward since it is not correct.  Don’t waste your time putting out containers to receive special money.  Also don’t spend a lot of time looking up how often this has actually occurred.  Just assume that this August phenomenon gives a whole new meaning to “a long weekend” – and it doesn’t even involve a Monday!

The real question is: “What are we going to do with these weekends?”  Most people will never recognize the difference except that paychecks and bills due might be a bit different.  Most people will probably miss this phantom phenomenon.

Why not make August 2014 phenomenally unique?  Here are some suggestions:

1. On each of the five Fridays, do five deeds of kindness to five different people who can’t reciprocate. Be conscience all day of five contributions you can make to somebody else’s life.

2. On each of the five Saturdays, invite five new people to worship with you.  Invite five people who do not attend any church.  90% of people who come and join a church come because they are invited by a neighbor, co-worker, acquaintance, or family member. Pray five extra minutes for Sunday opportunities.

3. On each of the five Sundays spend five extra minutes of preparation for Bible study and worship, speak to five people you don’t normally speak to, and give 5% more financially than you normally give.

We could make this a “month to remember” – not because of the five Fridays, five Saturdays, and five Sundays, but because of the five special things we are going to do on each of those days. And since we know this situation won’t occur again for some time, these special emphases for these 15 unique days could become a lifestyle for us.  This could be a truly phenomenal August!

You may not live to have this opportunity again. Don’t pray that you will still be here the next time this phenomenon occurs – instead make this one special.

Experience a phenomenal August!

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