An Exam Room—Intimidating or Inspiring?

Exam Room

An Exam Room—Intimidating or Inspiring?

It’s interesting to me to see different items that appear in a medical doctor’s exam rooms. I recently went with my wife, Lynn, to Dr. Pat Ryan, a neurosurgeon, because she was having difficulties with her back.

I had been to Dr. Ryan about four years ago, and he was very helpful to me in determining a course of action. Lynn had gone to him before with difficulties with her back. He directed her to a pain management program that provided a positive long-lasting effect.

Now we were back in one of those exam rooms. On the wall, you see a receptacle where different items can be placed. I was fascinated to see in the top bin that there was a Southern Living magazine, a large Holy Bible, and a little green New Testament.

A lot of people equate Southern Living with the Holy Bible. It’s easy to translate the values of life into the context of the area in which we live – whether it’s the south, north, east, or west. I’m proud to live in the south, but we need to derive our values from the Bible and not from Southern Living.

I’m glad the Holy Bible and the New Testament were both in the top bin of the receptacle. The best health–physical, mental, and spiritual–comes from the Bible.

In the next niche, there is a red folder with papers inside. If you get close enough, you can read that the tab on the folder is labeled “Healthy Lifestyle Information.” It is information that patients can take home with them to improve their lifestyle.

The most helpful lifestyle information does come from the Holy Bible. It is important to not treat it as new information, but to act on it. Healthy lifestyle information is to be applied. If we follow carefully, what it teaches, we will be healthy!

There’s one other yellow folder in the bottom niche. The label on the tab says, “Cigarette smoking and its risks.” The attitude towards cigarette smoking has changed dramatically in recent years. Conclusive evidence has shown that smoking cigarettes carries a  risk.

I found it interesting seeing those four items in the exam room. I commented to Dr. Ryan about my observation. He smiled and said, “The most important one is the Holy Bible. It has the best prescription for dealing with the issues of life.” I like that.

The Bible was not placed in that exam room to “cram down somebody’s throat.” It was just there. Any patient could pick it up and read it if they wanted to. It speaks to the issues of life–but the voice of the Bible is not heard until it is read. It’s your best medical journal!

A doctor’s exam room can be intimidating. Anxiety levels can go up as you wait for the doctor’s diagnosis. Knowing that the Great Physician is there, and His prescription pad is available will bring comfort, peace, and healing. “Thy Word is a lamp unto my feet and a light for my path.” (Psalm 119:105) Seek first God’s Kingdom and everything you need will be given to you. (Matthew 6:33) Apollos was an eloquent man who was mighty in the scriptures. (Acts 18:24)

God’s presence changes an exam room from intimidating to an exam room of inspiration!

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