Are You the Next Hero?

Heroes do what needs to be done in times of great need.


Heroes are people who are disciplined in learning, accept tough challenges, always stay calm, and think quickly about how to solve a problem. A crisis doesn’t create heroes – it reveals them!

In 1970, Glynn Lunney had just checked into his regular shift at NASA’s Mission Control in Houston overseeing Apollo 13. Just after 9 PM, a message came, “Houston, we have a problem here.” There had been an explosion in an oxygen tank that knocked out the primary electrical power in the moon-bound spacecraft. Panic quickly emerged. How do you solve a problem 250,000 miles from Earth?

Glynn Lunney was only 33 years old. He knew something had to be done quickly. He designed a plan that saved the lives of the astronauts, the Apollo 13 mission, and the reputation of the space program for the U.S.A. Everyone said that Lunney “brought calm to the situation” when he revealed his plan that worked.

Lunney’s plan was that his flight team shut down power to the command module and move the three astronauts to the much smaller lunar module (designed for two people) to conserve the battery power needed to reenter the Earth’s atmosphere and deploy parachutes. After three and a half days in temperatures barely above freezing, the crew returned to the command module, which had a heat shield to protect it from the scorching temperatures experienced during reentry. The lunar module was jettisoned, and the aircraft safely splashed down into the Pacific on April 17.

Glynn Lunney died on March 19, 2021. Even though he received the Presidential Medal of Freedom, he has probably never been recognized for the great leadership he exhibited in that mission. That’s the way heroes act.

One day, God picked a young boy named David to face an impossible situation. (1 Samuel 17: 20-52) In order to survive, Israel had to find somebody to go and fight a nine-foot giant, Goliath.

David was ready. He had been practicing with his sling while watching his father’s sheep. He accepted the responsibility to face the giant. He didn’t run away, but he “ran straight towards the giant.” (v.48)

Heroes face the situation. But he didn’t face it by himself. He said, “I have come in the name of the Lord.” (v.45) He knew his God had protected him from the bear and the lion, and He would certainly protect him from this little giant. (v.37) Look what he and God together did!

For what is God preparing you? Often, you can’t pick the time and the date when you have to step up and lead. Heroes are always ready to be revealed! “Be strong and courageous! Do not be afraid and do not panic before them. For the Lord your God will personally go ahead of you. He will neither fail you nor abandon you.” (Deuteronomy 31:6)

I’m proud to be a part of a tradition of faith that has a hero like David. I’m proud to be an American that enjoys success today because of heroes like Glenn Lunney. I’m excitedly waiting to see who else God is raising up for specific situations. God’s heroes today are not wearing capes – they’re preparing, trusting, and following Him.

Where will your preparation intersect with God’s opportunity for your heroism to be revealed?

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