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Remember to Forget

Posted on April 3

Remember to Forget On April 3, 1989, Michigan was playing Seton Hall for the NCAA men’s basketball national championship. The game came down to the final second when a Michigan guard by the name of Rumeal Robinson drove for the basket and was fouled while shooting. Michigan was behind one point. He had two foul shots with one second left. If he makes the foul shots Michigan wins; if he misses, they lose. About two... more »

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Good News from a Graveyard

Posted on March 27

Good News from a Graveyard A few years ago, I was speaking at a conference at a large hotel in Houston, Texas. Dr. Bill Bright stayed there overnight and came in and sat on the back row during my presentation. I was floored when he came up later and introduced himself to me. He asked me if I would be willing to participate in some big visions that he had. I immediately said yes. Dr.... more »

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March 4th

Posted on March 20

March 4th Last week I wrote about a defining day of my life when I elected to withdraw from the United Methodist Church. The date was March 4th. I received so many phone calls, emails, and texts from people thanking me for giving that explanation and assuring me that I am in their prayers. I genuinely appreciate that. My good friend Rev. Kenny Hoomes sent one of the most interesting responses. After a few kind... more »

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A Defining Day

Posted on March 13

A Defining Day March 4 was one of the defining days in my life. I went to the Alabama-West Florida Conference of the United Methodist Church, accompanied by my son Si, to deliver a letter stating my withdrawal from the United Methodist Church. Sixty-four years as a Methodist pastor came to an end March 4. That Monday afternoon was the first time in one-hundred years that the Mathison name was not listed as a clergy... more »

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Practicing Beats Preaching!

Posted on March 6

Practicing Beats Preaching! The Community Driving School is located in Lakewood, Colorado. The purpose of the school is to teach people how to drive. An instructor crashed his vehicle in the “Learn to Drive” building along Wadsworth Boulevard. The car stopped right under the sign saying, “Learn to Drive.” What a picture! The owner of the school explained that the driver was an employee of the school, but this was only his second day on... more »

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Do You Have It?

Posted on February 28

Do You Have It? An Orange County democrat in California is one of the persons running to unseat Representative Michelle Steel in Congress. Adaitya Pai sent out an email telling supporters that he had suspended his campaign because of a “lack of joy.” Then Pai did some more thinking and sent out a second email saying that the news of his campaign’s conclusion was sent out by mistake by a staffer who is no longer... more »

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A Leap Day Leaping Lesson

Posted on February 21

A Leap Day Leaping Lesson February 29 is Leap Day. The last leap day was four years ago. If you are one of the millions of people born on February 29, it’s your birthday! How will the birthday people and the rest of us celebrate Leap Day? Listen to David and make February 29, and every day, a leap day. David discovered that his faith in God opened immense possibilities. He wrote, “In God’s strength,... more »

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The Greatest Sermon Ever!

Posted on February 14

The Greatest Sermon Ever! He is seventy-nine years old. He could be sitting back playing dominoes or golf or watching television. Instead, he feels like his best days of witness are today and the days ahead. That’s an attitude with which to grow older! He decided to memorize the Sermon on the Mount. That’s right—three chapters of the Bible in Matthew. I was invited to give the prayer at the Chapel program where all the... more »

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Irrelevant or Relevant?

Posted on February 7

Irrelevant or Relevant? Brock Purdy was the last person chosen in the 2022 NFL draft. That person receives the title “Mr. Irrelevant.” Nobody wanted him. The San Francisco 49ers took him. He would be the least likely person to become a super star two years later in the NFL. Statistics were against him, but he never relied on statistics. In 2024, he ultimately relies on God’s plan for his life, and he wants to be... more »

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Posted on January 31

SEE—SAY—SUPPORT In 2008, the housing market in Montgomery was taking a downturn. Jerrod Dorminey was self-employed at his own company, Dorminey Interiors Trim. He was very good at making cabinets and doing interior woodwork, but he discovered that there was a diminishing demand for his skills. He attended Frazer. He came to visit my wife Lynn, who is an interior decorator. He mentioned to her his situation and asked if she would use his name... more »

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