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The Five-Finger Prayer Plan

Posted on August 16

The Five-Finger Prayer Plan The best man God ever created was my dad. He lived to be 96 years old. He spent the biggest part of his life in the Panama City area. He ministered to everybody regardless of their education level, economic status, denominational affiliation, social status, race, etc. He was known as the Pope of the Panhandle. My brother George and I finally talked him into moving to Montgomery to Wesley Gardens. A... more »

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Posted on August 2

HOORAY LA! Our Forefathers believed that the trust of American people should always be in God. As early as the 1860s, the phrase “In God We Trust” was used. Salmon Chase was secretary of the Treasury in the 1860s. He ordered the director of the U.S. Mint at Philadelphia to prepare coinage that included the phrase “In God We Trust.” He sent a letter dated November 20, 1861, saying, “No nation can be strong except... more »

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A Coin and a Bracelet!

Posted on July 19

A Coin and a Bracelet! In 1987 John Gallops was a Montgomery Police officer. Life had taken some extremely bad turns for him based on choices that he had made. He thought the best thing to do was to end it all. He put a pistol to his head standing in the company of some of his family. God used that situation to speak to John about choices he had made and the terrible choice... more »

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Exam Room

An Exam Room—Intimidating or Inspiring?

Posted on August 17

An Exam Room—Intimidating or Inspiring? It’s interesting to me to see different items that appear in a medical doctor’s exam rooms. I recently went with my wife, Lynn, to Dr. Pat Ryan, a neurosurgeon, because she was having difficulties with her back. I had been to Dr. Ryan about four years ago, and he was very helpful to me in determining a course of action. Lynn had gone to him before with difficulties with her... more »

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Header photo from John Ed Mathison's blog "Radical Generosity Leadership"

Radical Generosity Leadership

Posted on November 20

David was a great leader. God told him to build the temple. He called all the leaders to Jerusalem to share with them the vision. You see four areas of his leadership in radical generosity.

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Title graphic for John Ed Mathison's weekly blog called "Three Attitudes." Graphic reads "Attitude is Everything."

Three Attitudes

Posted on October 30

Every day, we have an opportunity to adopt one of three different attitudes. The one we adopt will go a long way in determining how much we accomplish during the day. This is true in sporting contests, work environments, church opportunities, and every relationship we have in life. Your attitude is your choice!!

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An older picture of John Ed Mathison playing doubles tennis at a charity event with his partner, two-time grand slam champion and men's tennis legend Rod Laver

Pick Your Partner

Posted on October 16

As my dad told me once, the most important aspect of playing doubles in tennis is picking the right partner

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A hand reaching out to a higher power, represented by the overpowering light of the sun setting on the horizon. The gesture represents the desire to improve quality of life. From John Ed Mathison's blog "Live Longer or Live Better?"

Live Longer or Live Better?

Posted on October 9

One of the hot topics of discussion today is how we can help people live longer. Between 1900–2003, the average life expectancy of the US rose from 49 up to 78 years. That’s almost a 60% increase. People are living longer.

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Picture of church steeple from John Ed Mathison's blog about Paul's letters to the Corinthians "How to Live in God's Presence and Power"

How to Live in God’s Presence and Power

Posted on October 2

I often have people say to me “I just don’t feel the presence of God in my life” or “I oftentimes wonder if God is with me” or “How can I know that God’s presence is real?”

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Charles Van Doren appearing on an episode of NBC's Twenty-One in the 1950s

Don’t Take the Fake!

Posted on September 18

Our world has enough fakes—what we need are some real, genuine, authentic people. Our world needs people who can be trusted and don’t just talk the talk, but walk the walk as well.

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