Be A Bee

A honeybee perches on a yellow flower.


What is the most important living being on the planet? I was surprised to discover that the Earthwatch Institute concluded in the last debate of the Royal Geographical Society of London that the most important living beings on the planet are bees. Here are three reasons why the bees have been selected, and they have a great lesson to teach human beings. We need to be like a bee!

  1. Studies reveal that bees are the only living beings that are not carriers of any type of pathogen, regardless of whether it is a fungus, a virus, or a bacteria. That’s an amazing revelation! They just don’t carry anything that’s bad or dangerous. What if we human beings didn’t carry things like gossip, envy, jealousy, hatred, prejudice, or grudges? What if we people would not be carriers of sinful actions? The bee has helped us stamp out a lot of diseases because it doesn’t carry the things that contribute to it – how many of the problems of society could we, as humans, stamp out if we were not carriers that produced the problem? The bee is not contributing to the spread of any virus, fungus, or bacteria.
  2. We should be like a bee because 70% of the agriculture of the world depends on the bees. The pollination of the bees allows plants to reproduce, of which millions of animals feed. Without them, the fauna would begin to disappear. What if we, like a bee, could affect 70% of all the things that the world relies on? What if our lives centered around helping people reproduce qualities of life and bring health, healing, and happiness?
  3. Bees work extremely hard, don’t get discouraged, and always finish their task. They never quit. Their work gives them life, but the result of what they do gives life to other people. Look at a honeybee – a red clover blossom contains less than 1/8 grain of sugar. A pound of honey requires 7,000 grains. That means that a bee has to visit 56,000 clover heads for a pound of honey. There are about 60 clover cubes to each clover head. A bee must perform that operation over 3 million times to produce the ingredients for 1 pound of honey. That makes me appreciate more the honey I put in my coffee every morning. If a bee can do that, God will supply whatever I need to accomplish the task He has for me. Like the honeybee, I need to keep trying, working, and never quit.

Warning – Danger – Some recent studies have shown that bees are disappearing rapidly. Some have announced that they’ve already entered into extinction risks.

Are people who are living the characteristics of the good things that bees do growing or declining in our world? Are people who have great values and are making a positive difference in the world increasing or decreasing? I believe we need to have more people who will be like a bee. I believe that people who are being like a bee could become the most important living beings on the planet.

Be a bee!

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