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I Am Thankful

Posted on November 23

I Am Thankful Someone shared with me a list of some things, and I added others, for which I can be thankful: For the wife who says it’s hot dogs tonight,      because it means that she is at home and not out somewhere else. For the husband who is on the sofa being a couch potato,      because it means that he is home and not out at the bars. For the teenagers who are complaining... more »

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Who Really Won?

Posted on November 16

Who Really Won? College football has become big business. The introduction of the NIL-Name Image Likeness—has made it possible for players to get paid huge amounts of money. Some college players are making well over $1 million a year. The introduction of the Transfer Portal has also revolutionized football. If you have a good NIL program, you can get a lot of players out of the transfer portal who add tremendously to your team. Signing... more »

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Tell the Truth

Posted on November 9

Tell the Truth Some people are able to think big, far out of the box, and follow through in seeing their visions become reality. Such a man was my friend, Ray Scott, who died recently. He had a vision about bass fishing. When he shared it with some of his friends, they laughed at him. One friend of mine was invited to be an investor in his dream, and he laughed at Ray Scott and... more »

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The Priority of Every Believer

Posted on November 2

The Priority of Every Believer Last week, I received the best pastor appreciation expression ever. The person sending the email probably had no idea it was pastor appreciation month. He just wanted to share an incident that made an eternal difference in his life. I confess I don’t really remember the situation, but oftentimes our best witness is made when we don’t realize it. Scott Chaney sent me the following email: John Ed Mathison, I... more »

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How Do You Handle Defeat?

Posted on October 26

How Do You Handle Defeat? How do you handle defeats in life? Defeats do come. Nobody wins every time they go on the playing field, or business negotiations, or doctor’s visit, or any venue in life. It’s always fun to win, but how we handle defeat usually tells more about who we really are. The third Saturday in October has become famous because Alabama plays Tennessee in football. It’s an intense rivalry. The relationship between... more »

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Here Comes the Judge

Posted on October 19

Here Comes the Judge The baseball world was focused on the second game of the Yankees’ Series with the Rangers. The 38,832 people made it the largest paid attendance in Globe Life Field’s two-year history. This was next to the last opportunity for Aaron Judge to break the American League home run record held by Roger Maris. Interestingly, it was the third pitch by the Ranger’s pitcher, Jesus Tinoco. That’s right, his name was Jesus... more »

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Why You Do What You Do

Posted on October 12

Why You Do What You Do Baseball in 2022 has seen records shattered and unbelievable accomplishments achieved. One player enhanced his future Hall of Fame resume. He did something great for baseball, but the reason he did it is what makes him special. Albert Pujols plays for the St. Louis Cardinals. He is 42 years old and is supposed to be “over-the-hill,” but he is setting a new hill, and doing it for the greatest... more »

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Continuous Improvement

Posted on October 5

Continuous Improvement When I moved to Frazer in 1972 it was just a little church out in a cotton field. I had to drive four miles at lunch just to get a sandwich. As Eastdale Mall was under construction, I received a telephone call from Mr. Truett Cathy, the owner of Chick-fil-A. He asked me if I would be willing to do an opening prayer of dedication for Chick-fil-A and give him names of young... more »

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Where Hell Can’t Prevail Photo

Where Hell Can’t Prevail

Posted on September 28

Where Hell Can’t Prevail Jesus has designed the church to be His vehicle through which He will work to fulfill His Father’s purpose.  He said, “On this rock, I will build my church, and even the gates of hell can’t prevail against it.” (Matthew 16:18) How can leaders lead to build that kind of church? Here are four basics: WHY–Church leaders must keep in perspective what the mission of the local church is. Churches have... more »

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Blue Angels Team work

When A Team Is Together

Posted on September 21

When A Team Is Together An organization functions best when each person correctly accesses his/her gifts, then deploys those gifts as a part of a team effort. Organizations get into trouble when individuals try to function independently rather than collectively as a team. A good model to follow is I Corinthians 12. Paul describes the Church as the human body. My body has different parts, such as feet, hands, ears, and eyes. My body does... more »

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