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The Boy Scouts Got This Right!

Posted on September 11

I was a boy scout. I will always remember the motto—Be prepared. Those words have echoed in my mind for years. Benjamin Franklin said, “By failing to prepare, you’re preparing to fail.”

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Illustration of two frogs jumping in a pot of liquid. It goes with the poem about one frog giving up and one frog succeeding in getting out of the bowl

Avoid This Bad 4-Letter Word

Posted on September 4

When you set out to accomplish a goal, and things become challenging, you have two choices—you can keep going forward, or you can sit down and quit.

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a picture of John Ed Mathison standing in front of a tech conference banner, holding a bottle of smart water and an apple iphone, in order to illustrate the tongue-in-cheek point he's making about spiritual smartness

How Smart Are You?

Posted on August 28

HOW SMART ARE YOU? Someone once said, “A little learning can be a dangerous thing.” I’ve experienced that personally in some things that I’ve done or my friends have done. A little learning doesn’t make anyone smart. This is so evident in the church, where people like to talk about things they don’t know much about. Everyone wants to be an expert. I recently read an article from the Church of England that reported on... more »

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A picture of a classroom, with the teacher standing before the students as they listen to the teacher's instructions. The picture fits the theme of John Ed's blog "School is always in session," about the School of Life

School is Always in Session

Posted on August 21

The most important school is the School of Life. We have an opportunity to learn something new every day. Learning is a lifelong process. People reach different levels of progress in the School of Life. Growing older is inevitable—growing smarter is optional!

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The Latest Word from John Ed Mathison

What’s Your Word?

Posted on August 14

I perceive that a defining characteristic of modern life in the United States is the loss of control over our tongues and our words posted on social media. Our words have become toxic. There is no filter on what people are saying. Our words are leading to cutting people down rather than building them up. Our words are leading to darkness and death rather than to light and life!

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A picture Robert F Smith delivering his commencement speech during graduation ceremony at Morehouse College in 2019

Blessed to be a Blessing

Posted on August 7

We in America have been greatly blessed. We enjoy so many freedoms, financial successes, religious opportunities, natural resources—the list goes on and on. By any metric, we are extremely blessed. It becomes easy to take our blessings for granted.

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The Latest Word from John Ed Mathison

What If?

Posted on July 31

The Billion Soul Initiative, of which I’ve been a part since its inception 15 years ago, recently held a teaching hub in Nepal to train pastors. There is rapid growth of the Christian faith in Nepal. Over 200 pastors from Nepal attended. The teaching hub was so effective that now there are 7 teaching hubs! One pastor from Dolpa, whose elevation is 15,000 feet, the highest altitude of any human settlement in the world, wanted... more »

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The Latest Word from John Ed Mathison

Moon Olympics

Posted on July 24

A wise man once told me, “Do the things that God created you to do – and avoid the things that God instructed you not to do.” That’s good wisdom. We get in deep trouble when we don’t follow it. It happened to Charlie Duke, one of the astronauts on Apollo 16. Apollo 16 was launched 3 years after Neil Armstrong touched the moon. It was the fifth mission to land men on the moon... more »

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Moon Walking

Posted on July 17

During the 1960s President John F. Kennedy shared with the world his dream that the United States would put a man on the moon by the end of the decade. That was a bold vision. Many people laughed at him, and told him how impossible that would be. But he kept that “impossible” vision in front of the American people. That’s what leaders do! About that time, there was a boy graduating from high school... more »

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The Latest Word from John Ed Mathison

Lest We Forget – Our Hope – Part 3 of 3

Posted on July 10

Be careful – lest we forget – Our HOPE. We hear many suggestions where we ought to place our hope to have a future as a nation. Our ultimate hope for the future must never rest primarily in our economic success, military power, political strength, or educational systems, etc – but in our trust in God! I believe in a strong military and the latest equipment and training for all of our military persons, but... more »

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