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The Jungle

Posted on May 22

The Jungle College basketball coaches say that one of the toughest places to play is in the Neville Arena in Auburn. It’s referred to as “The Jungle.” Rece Davis of ESPN said that the intensity is as good as anything you will see anywhere. Homecourt advantage has always been important in basketball. Normally it’s considered to be worth about two points. The Jungle has raised that bar to where it’s conceded that homecourt advantage in... more »

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Posted on May 15

K O K O My family and I moved to Montgomery in 1972 when I became pastor of Frazer. We lived for the first ten years in Carol Villa on Surrey Road. It was a great neighborhood with a lot of young people. A special family in the neighborhood was Mr. and Mrs. Ben Curry. They lived just around the corner from us. Mr. Curry could fix anything. He loved helping Si and Vicki (and... more »

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Posted on May 8

Grawlix The University of Alabama has a new football coach following the retirement of Nick Saban. His name is Kalen DeBoer. He has a great resume and has been highly successful. He led Washington to a second-place finish in the football polls this year. He has a good personality. He is outgoing. He has made a favorable hit with Alabama fans. There is one thing that I really like about him that has caused so... more »

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Mistaken Identity

Posted on May 1

Mistaken Identity Occasionally somebody confuses a person with someone else that they have seen or heard about. That happened to me three times in one day recently. Each mistaken identity was a compliment. The Camelia Bowl is one of the more popular bowls carried by ESPN. I serve on the River Region Sports Commission, and we sponsor that bowl and the activities connected with it. One of the activities is a huge luncheon at the... more »

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1 Lessons from a #1 Golfer!

Posted on April 24

#1 Lessons from a #1 Golfer! On Sunday, April 14, 2024, the number one golf tournament in the world, The Masters, put the green jacket on Scottie Scheffler again. I predict he will have a closet full of green jackets soon. He is a great teacher. We can learn from the best. Here are some of his real golf lessons: Quiz time: What is your #1 priority? Are your friends a Godly influence? To whom... more »

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A Winner’s Witness!

Posted on April 17

A Winner’s Witness! Women’s college basketball reached new heights of popularity during the recent NCAA tournament. The final game had a TV viewing audience of 24 million, and an average of 18.7 million viewers. That is the most viewers ever to watch basketball at any level, according to Nielsen. It was the second most watched non-Olympic sporting event on US television since women’s soccer beat Japan in 2019. Coach Dawn Staley of the South Carolina... more »

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Posted on April 10

DWJD Brett Butler was a great baseball player. In the 1990s, he went in for a tonsillectomy, but discovered that there was also a malignant cancer involved. He had surgery and chemotherapy. He was traded to the Los Angeles Dodgers, then to the Atlanta Braves. He worked hard to come back from his cancer surgery. At his first appearance on the field in Atlanta, he was given a five-minute standing ovation. He then developed other... more »

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Remember to Forget

Posted on April 3

Remember to Forget On April 3, 1989, Michigan was playing Seton Hall for the NCAA men’s basketball national championship. The game came down to the final second when a Michigan guard by the name of Rumeal Robinson drove for the basket and was fouled while shooting. Michigan was behind one point. He had two foul shots with one second left. If he makes the foul shots Michigan wins; if he misses, they lose. About two... more »

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Good News from a Graveyard

Posted on March 27

Good News from a Graveyard A few years ago, I was speaking at a conference at a large hotel in Houston, Texas. Dr. Bill Bright stayed there overnight and came in and sat on the back row during my presentation. I was floored when he came up later and introduced himself to me. He asked me if I would be willing to participate in some big visions that he had. I immediately said yes. Dr.... more »

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March 4th

Posted on March 20

March 4th Last week I wrote about a defining day of my life when I elected to withdraw from the United Methodist Church. The date was March 4th. I received so many phone calls, emails, and texts from people thanking me for giving that explanation and assuring me that I am in their prayers. I genuinely appreciate that. My good friend Rev. Kenny Hoomes sent one of the most interesting responses. After a few kind... more »

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