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An Awe-full Church

Posted on March 22

An Awe-full Church My dad served the First Methodist Church in Opelika from 1950 to 1962. My brother George and I grew up there. I was invited to preach there on March 19, 2023. It also happened to be my 85th birthday. Nobody thought of that connection—except God. It was at that church I accepted Christ as my personal savior. I also went to the altar as a high school student and accepted the call... more »

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U-turns Are Encouraged!

Posted on March 15

U-turns Are Encouraged! Is your life going somewhere or is it just a repeat of the same meaningless activities day after day? If you are not going anywhere, you will get there, and be greatly disappointed with where you are. If you know God’s purpose for your life and where you are going, it will be an exciting journey! I went to school at Young Harris Junior College in north Georgia. Not far from there... more »

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Where Are You Going?

Posted on March 8

Where Are You Going? It was advertised as a “flight to nowhere.” Australian Airline Qantas sold out the flight in ten minutes. A spokesman for the airline said, “It’s the fastest selling flight in Qantas history.” It came during the Pandemic. They departed early in the morning and came back to the same airport seven hours later. It made no stops. Buyers quickly bought the 134 available seats. They paid between $575 and $2,765 to... more »

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Scarecrow in the Cucumber Garden

Posted on March 1

Scarecrow in the Cucumber Garden The prophet Jeremiah lived in a day when the ruling leaders were spineless and had no courage. Often times they faced a crisis and would come to the prophet and ask, “What is God’s word on this issue?” When the prophet gave them God’s word, invariably the leaders would do the opposite thing. The Babylonian army surrounded Jerusalem. The king came to Jeremiah and asked if he should flee to... more »

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God Guarantees His Picks

Posted on February 22

God Guarantees His Picks I was in the sixth grade at Hohenberg Elementary School in Wetumpka, Alabama. I was watching a group of the older guys pick teams for a pick-up game of basketball. A life-changing event occurred for me when one of the better players, Walter Albritton, picked me to play on his team. I had never been picked by the older guys before. That small thing was big for me! Basketball became very... more »

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Unity in Our Community

Posted on February 15

Unity in Our Community Be careful when you exit Interstate 65 and go north on Interstate 85. Look to the left. You will see a new billboard with a picture of five ministers, “Building Unity in Our Community,” and a website, I85 begins as you leave I65 and ends 668 miles later in North Virginia. This is the first billboard posted on I85! The picture shows the five of us—white and black—who have been... more »

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Coaches and Players Speak Up

Posted on February 8

Coaches and Players Speak Up I am inspired when I hear coaches and athletes speak up publicly about their Christian faith. I’ve read that ¾ of the starting quarterbacks in the NFL are professing Christians. Sports provide a platform to share their faith. Here are a few examples: Patrick Mahomes quarterbacked his team to the Super Bowl. After the AFC Championship game, Mahomes said, “I just want to thank God. He healed my body this... more »

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Second Milers or Quiet Quitters

Posted on February 1

Second Milers or Quiet Quitters When life presents challenges, different people react in different ways. Some sit down, quit, and feel defeated. Others have a determined effort to overcome adversity. This was demonstrated vividly to me in 2022. In the latter part of last year, a huge snowstorm hit Alabama. Many roadways were impassable. There were a couple of nurses in Huntsville, Alabama who were driving to work when their car got stuck in the... more »

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The Power of a Shared Blog

Posted on January 25

If you ever think about suing me, just remember who I have on retainer!

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A Biblical Math Formula

Posted on January 18

A Biblical Math Formula I heard some students and teachers discussing old math and new math. I couldn’t follow the discussion because I’m not good at math. I relate to Derric Johnson who said, “There are three kinds of people in the world—those who are good at math and those who are not.”  I propose a Biblical math formula that’s both old and new and all of us can understand. Memorize this formula: “Knowing what... more »

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