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God’s Benefits Package

Posted on July 12

God’s Benefits Package Whenever a person is interviewing for a job, one of the topics is the kind of benefits the company offers the potential employee.  One of the benefits refers to whether or not health insurance is provided. That’s a major part of a benefit package. Benefits also might include life insurance, disability, vacation time, sick leave, working conditions, and many more. God has greater benefits than all of these. If you follow Him... more »

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Freedom!!  Why?

Posted on July 5

Freedom!!  Why? Paul wrote to the Galatian church, “Give thanks for your freedom, but don’t use your freedom for selfish purposes. Use your freedom in order to help other people.” (Galatians 5:13) Everyone in America is the recipient of the freedom that has been given to us by the sacrifice of people in the past. History was first written in blood before it was written in ink! It’s easy to forget what others have done... more »

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Misplaced Anything?

Posted on June 28

Misplaced Anything? Do you ever misplace something that’s important to you? You don’t misplace something intentionally—you just forget where you left it. There is an interesting guy in Alabama. He is known as Alabama’s “Flag Guy.” You may have seen him at funerals or high-profile events with his American flag. His purpose is to give visibility to the flag, to raise awareness of the meaning of the flag, and to spread patriotism. Now he has... more »

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What’s Your Name?

Posted on June 21

What’s Your Name? Your name is important. It was given to you—you didn’t choose it. You can elect to change it later in life through a legal process, but not many people do that. Naming babies has become a big topic of conversation. The most popular names for the year are published. Even though Germany records some of the lowest numbers for reading the Bible, the two most popular names for German boys in 2022... more »

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Real Winners

Posted on June 14

Real Winners One of the great coaches who attends the FCA Family Coaches Conference every year with her family is Cindy Hawthorne from Brantley, Alabama. She just won her third straight softball championship. She has won six in the last ten years. She is a strong Christian and gives all the glory to God. The most dominant college girls’ softball team is the Oklahoma Sooners. Their record this year was 61-1. That’s the best ever!... more »

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Bragging Rights

Posted on June 7

Bragging Rights Is it okay to brag? Most of us like to brag without allowing the truth to restrict us. Don’t use as an excuse the old adage, “It’s not bragging if it’s true.” Be careful what you brag about. Jeremiah says that there are three things we better not brag about and one thing we should brag about: Paul gives a long discourse about false wisdom in Romans 1. The people thought they were... more »

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Who Wins?

Posted on May 31

Who Wins? Many people are talking about how the church is losing its witness to the world. They especially talk about how college students are turning away from faith. Here is my response. Lynn and I recently visited the Auburn Community Church. Our two granddaughters, Healey Mathison and Catherine Parma, and grandson John Hixon all attend and are involved in that church. ACC is only eight years old, but it has already gained the reputation... more »

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Exercise Your Memory

Posted on May 24

Exercise Your Memory In 1863 some women in Columbus, Mississippi went out to the local cemetery to place flowers on the graves of the Confederate soldiers. They noticed a section of the cemetery had graves for Union soldiers. They placed flowers on those graves also. A couple of years later, Henry C. Welles in Waterloo, New York, closed his drug store on May the 5th and invited the entire community to honor the soldiers who... more »

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50 Years Later

Posted on May 17

50 Years Later Our oldest grandchild, Eddie Parma, just graduated from Auburn University. He now starts on his Doctorate Degree in the area of clinical psychology and Christian counseling. We are so proud of him. His graduation was held at 8:00 A.M. on Saturday morning. The program really moved quickly. It was well organized. Each graduate walked across the stage as their name was announced. The person who I think had the toughest job was... more »

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Loyalty Day

Posted on May 10

Loyalty Day How did you celebrate May 1? It was designated as a special day by a lot of groups. It was Law Day—it was Met Gala Day—it was Sing Me a Song Day—and I’m sure many others. The most important declaration was a proclamation by President Biden designating May 1, as “Loyalty Day.” This wasn’t a new designation. President Dwight D. Eisenhower proclaimed that May 1, 1955, be observed as Loyalty Day. The U.S.... more »

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