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Blue Angels Team work

When A Team Is Together

Posted on September 21

When A Team Is Together An organization functions best when each person correctly accesses his/her gifts, then deploys those gifts as a part of a team effort. Organizations get into trouble when individuals try to function independently rather than collectively as a team. A good model to follow is I Corinthians 12. Paul describes the Church as the human body. My body has different parts, such as feet, hands, ears, and eyes. My body does... more »

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Pay or Platform

Posted on September 14

Pay or Platform I once heard a successful man who had gone up the ladder in a company giving advice to a group of young people who were just employed. He said, “The way to be successful is to figure out who is boss, and please the boss.” There is a degree of truth in that, but I think a greater truth in understanding our work is that we are here to please God, not... more »

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Quiet Quitting

Quiet Quitting

Posted on September 7

Quiet Quitting Our nation celebrates Labor Day to honor people who work in various fields of endeavor in order that we might enjoy a better quality of life. People who work a normal 40-hour workweek spend more time working than at any other venue during their waking hours. Work is changing in 2022. People are not staying engaged in their places of employment. More Americans quit their jobs in April than in any other month... more »

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I Love My Job

Posted on August 31

I Love My Job Since the pandemic 60% of people in America have sought a new job. The percentage of those new jobs not working out is rising every month.  Do you remember the Johnny Paycheck song “Take This Job and Shove It?” I wish somebody would write a song, “Take This Job and Love It.” Here are three ways we express love for our job. Loyalty–Be loyal to the people for whom and with... more »

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Ordinary or Extraordinary

Ordinary or Extraordinary

Posted on August 24

Ordinary or Extraordinary We had about 400 children in the pre-school at Frazer Methodist Church. On Friday mornings, they had chapel and would invite me. They would often sing a song that has a great message: You are a promise! You are a possibility! You are a promise with a capital “P”! You are a great big bundle of potentiality! And if you’ll listen, you’ll hear God’s voice; And if you’re trying, He’ll help you... more »

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Exam Room

An Exam Room—Intimidating or Inspiring?

Posted on August 17

An Exam Room—Intimidating or Inspiring? It’s interesting to me to see different items that appear in a medical doctor’s exam rooms. I recently went with my wife, Lynn, to Dr. Pat Ryan, a neurosurgeon, because she was having difficulties with her back. I had been to Dr. Ryan about four years ago, and he was very helpful to me in determining a course of action. Lynn had gone to him before with difficulties with her... more »

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Opportunity – See It or Seize It?

Posted on August 10

OPPORTUNITY – SEE IT OR SEIZE IT? Before the days of modern harbors, a ship had to wait for the flood tide before it could make it to port. They had a Latin term for this situation which was op portu. That literally means that a ship is standing against a port waiting for the moment when it should ride the turn of the tide to the harbor. It is from this image that we... more »

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God's Heart Exam

God’s Heart Exam

Posted on August 3

GOD’S HEART EXAM Words are extremely important. The Bible says if you want to determine who a person really is, listen to the words they speak. “A man’s speech is determined by his heart.” (Matthew 12:34) Jesus was very clear in Matthew 12:33 that you identify a tree by its fruit. You can’t call a fig tree a pecan tree when it’s producing figs or vice versa. What the tree produces determines what it is.... more »

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Ex-Satanic leader

Who Fixes the Broken?

Posted on July 27

WHO FIXES THE BROKEN? So many people today are hurting, misguided, looking for answers, and feeling totally inadequate and broken. Many of them go for help in places that falsely lead to greater brokenness. This was the case of Riaan Swiegelaar. In looking for answers, he began to resonate with the people and views of satanism. He joined their group. He became a leader and was one of the cofounders of the South African Satanic... more »

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A strange trade in the Yankees

A Trade That Made Headlines

Posted on July 20

A TRADE THAT MADE HEADLINES When you are a baseball pitcher, there are a lot of different ways to get your name in the headlines. You can pitch a no-hitter, have a perfect game, strike out a lot of people, have an enviable win/loss record, have the best fastball or curve—those are headliners. A few years ago, there were two left-handed pitchers who made headlines for a different reason. The biggest trade headline in 1973... more »

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