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A calendar filled with days of thanksgiving.

What Day is Thanksgiving?

Posted on November 25

WHAT DAY IS THANKSGIVING? Thanksgiving is not a day on the calendar but rather an attitude towards life. I think it was Mark Twain who said we ought not to have a day of thanksgiving, but instead have a day of grumbling. His point was that we should confine our grumbling to just one day and our thanksgiving to the other 364 days! I read about a man who decided to put thanksgiving into practice.... more »

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Si "Mat" Mathison counting

Count Correctly

Posted on November 18

COUNT CORRECTLY What we count in life is a reflection of our attitude and focus. A life out of focus counts the wrong things and produces an unhealthy attitude. Counting the right things is an indication of a good focus in life that is expressing a healthy attitude. Counting correctly counts! We’re counting a lot of things this season. We’re counting people for the census, daily counting the number of COVID-19 cases, counting calories, counting... more »

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John Ed and Joe Pat, a ministry partner, through the years.

Ministry Partner

Posted on November 11

MINISTRY PARTNER I met Joe Pat Cox when we were in high school and attended a church youth camp. We had a lot of similar interests in athletics, Christian ministry, girls, and a lot of other things. While in college, we worked together in some youth events. I received a phone call from the bishop in August of 1972. He asked me if I would move to Frazer in Montgomery. I immediately called Joe Pat.... more »

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A good attitude can help you achieve great heights.

Awesome Attitude

Posted on November 4

AWESOME ATTITUDE Attitude in life is so important. I’m convinced that our attitude is more important than the circumstances that we have to face. We have little or no control over circumstances, but we need to be in complete control of our attitude. Age is an example. If you didn’t know how old you are, how old would you be? Some older people continue to jog. One jogger on his 99th birthday was met by... more »

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Three little things that helped build big things.

Little Things Build Big Partnerships

Posted on October 28

LITTLE THINGS BUILD BIG PARTNERSHIPS Little things mean a lot. Most big things are made up of a lot of little things working together. Don’t ever get so big in life that you can’t participate in doing the little things. Little becomes a lot when God is in it! It even becomes the possibility of a partnership! Jackson McKie is 8 years old and suffers from hydrocephalus. Dr. Daniel McNeely was preparing to operate on... more »

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Joyciline demonstrating her athletic prowess.

Athletic Accomplishments

Posted on October 21

ATHLETIC ACCOMPLISHMENTS COVID-19 has provided a platform for some people to really excel in athletics in unbelievable ways. They are turning the tough times into terrific things! Here are four examples to read: A Chinese marathoner named Pan Shancu lives in a small apartment, but he decided to use the extra time running a marathon inside his apartment. It was a 26-foot course – that figures to be about 9 yards. He ran 31 miles... more »

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Excerpt of the Preamble to the Constitution including the phrase "a more perfect union."

A More Perfect Union

Posted on October 14

A MORE PERFECT UNION On November 3rd, leaders at many levels of government will be elected. We have that election because our forefathers saw elections as a vital part of forming a “more perfect union,” which is the stated goal in the Preamble to our Constitution. A perfect union can never be attained, but leaders are elected to lead us towards a “more perfect” union. The 2020 election must do that. I remember watching a... more »

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King David playing the harp.

Focus On What God Can Do

Posted on October 7

FOCUS ON WHAT GOD CAN DO During tough times, it’s easy to focus on how bad things are and forget how big God is. Your focus has a big influence on your future. Focusing on the stormy waves of life will put you underwater – focusing on the God who made the waves can allow you to walk on the water! It’s your choice. We shouldn’t tell God how big our problem is – rather... more »

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John Ed in front of the sign for Fordyce, advertising it as the birthplace of Bear Bryant.

The Bear

Posted on September 30

THE BEAR SEC football has finally started! The SEC has had some great coaches in its history. Many consider Bear Bryant the most influential. Bear coached at the University of Alabama for twenty-five years and won six National Championships. His record at Alabama was 232-46-9. Those nine ties are interesting. I don’t think the Bear would ever go for a tie, so the opposing teams must have tied the Bear. I was speaking in Arkansas... more »

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When it comes to kindness, does age really matter?

Does Age Matter?

Posted on September 23

DOES AGE MATTER? COVID-19 has taught us a lot of things about life. One thing we’ve learned is that age is not a factor when we need to reach out and help other people. (Read Job 12:12; 32: 6-10.) Here are four quick examples: Cavanaugh Bell is a first-grader in Maryland. He heard about the coronavirus, and he started thinking about what he could do. He had $600 in savings. He asked his mom to... more »

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