A Source of Empowerment!

Posted on July 17

A Source of Empowerment! Willie Mays was born in Birmingham, Alabama, in a time when segregation was practiced throughout the United States. He was a great athlete, but his skin was the wrong color. For that reason, he didn’t get as many opportunities early in his career. Rickwood Field was home to the Birmingham Black Barons. It is the oldest professional baseball stadium in America! It came to life on Tuesday night, June 19, 2024,... more »

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Records—Baseball and Life

Posted on July 10

Records—Baseball and Life What do the records show? It really depends on how the records were compiled. In the 1930s and ‘40s, baseball was racially segregated. You had the Negro League statistics, as well as the Major League Baseball records, which only contained white players. It raises the question of who had the most hits, the most home runs, the most strike outs, etc. In the last three years a 17-member panel has been vetting... more »

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Posted on July 3

WAKE UP AMERICA! Part of my participation in Bill Bright’s Billion Soul Campaign was to teach pastors in India. I would fly tourist class to Chennai, India, 33 hours from Montgomery, and arrive on Saturday. I would preach Sunday at The New Life Church (which averages over 45,000 people on Sunday,) and then teach 1,500 pastors for three days. I would then fly back to New Delhi to teach 1,500 more pastors for three days.... more »

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Posted on June 26

#18 The Boston Celtics set a new record for the most NBA championships on June 18, 2024, when they beat the Dallas Mavericks to win number 18. That puts them one ahead of the Los Angeles Lakers. I was glad to see the Boston Celtics win for the following reasons: The Celtics were the sixth team to win the NBA Championship in the last six years—a different team every year. If the Celtics continue to... more »

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Coaches, Referees, and People

Posted on June 19

Coaches, Referees, and People I had the opportunity to speak at the Fellowship of Christian Athletes Coaches’ Family Conference for the 11th straight year. I didn’t realize that I had delivered six messages a conference to college and high school coaches for that long. Coach Jimmy Reeves and his wife Lisa run this conference. They bring in some outstanding people who give a witness at one of the services. This year one witness was given... more »

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Special Partners in Ministry

Posted on June 12

Special Partners in Ministry I have some wonderful friends whom I have never met. God connected us through our leadership ministry. One day I am going to meet him and his wife personally. His name is Ron Easterling. He is a retired minister in Louisiana. Somehow he got connected with this ministry through a blog or radio or podcast. He and his wife Molly started making a monthly financial contribution. He always writes tremendously encouraging... more »

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A Golfer’s Sermon

Posted on June 5

A Golfer’s Sermon One of the upcoming professional golfers is Harry Higgs. He recently won two tournaments in a row on the Korn Ferry Tour. He was victorious in a playoff at the Knoxville Open on May 27, 2024. He received the trophy and had an opportunity to speak. Remember that the Korn Ferry Tour is just under the PGA Tour and all the players are looking for victories and enough points to get a... more »

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What a Day!!

Posted on May 29

What a Day!! Tuesday, May 21, 2024, was a huge day for me. Two great events—Dr. Anthony Leigh was announced as the new President of Huntingdon College and Valiant Cross Academy celebrated its third graduating class. I graduated from Huntingdon College in 1960 and played basketball on its first inter-collegiate team. I was there for two years and had the privilege of serving as the first male student government President. When I was Senior Pastor... more »

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The Jungle

Posted on May 22

The Jungle College basketball coaches say that one of the toughest places to play is in the Neville Arena in Auburn. It’s referred to as “The Jungle.” Rece Davis of ESPN said that the intensity is as good as anything you will see anywhere. Homecourt advantage has always been important in basketball. Normally it’s considered to be worth about two points. The Jungle has raised that bar to where it’s conceded that homecourt advantage in... more »

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Posted on May 15

K O K O My family and I moved to Montgomery in 1972 when I became pastor of Frazer. We lived for the first ten years in Carol Villa on Surrey Road. It was a great neighborhood with a lot of young people. A special family in the neighborhood was Mr. and Mrs. Ben Curry. They lived just around the corner from us. Mr. Curry could fix anything. He loved helping Si and Vicki (and... more »

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