Counting Stars

Joe Burrow, LSU quarterback, at a game.
"LSUvsGASouth355" by Tammy Anthony Baker / CC-by-2.0 / cropped & resized


Joe Burrow, quarterback for the LSU Tigers, rewrote the record books this year in college football. He threw 60 touchdown passes, led LSU to victory over 6 teams that were rated in the top 10, and will be the number one player drafted by the pros. He accounted for 6 touchdowns in the National Championship game against the reigning champion, the Clemson Tigers. Amazing season!

He was once rated a 2-star player. Burrow went to Ohio State, but didn’t get to play a lot. He transferred to LSU who hired a coach, Joe Brady, who could take a quarterback with Burrow’s skills and design an offense that would compliment his skills. Believing in him and helping him utilize his talents in the best way carried him to be the best quarterback in the nation! He won the Heisman Trophy by a landslide!

Others assisted in transforming 2-stars into 5-stars. Some TV sideline shots during the National Championship game showed Burrow talking with my friend, Sam Nader. Sam was a backup quarterback at Auburn, is a Methodist preacher’s son, married a girl from Frazer UMC, and has been on the LSU athletic staff for several years – he is the kind of person to help develop 5-star people!

I believe there are a lot of Joe Burrows out there today. There are a lot of people who have been categorized as a 2-star but have the potential of being a 5-star. There are a lot of people who are looking for the right person to help them see what they can be and design a life plan that best utilizes their talents.

The history books are filled with the names of 2-star people who became 5-star people and shaped America’s history! Potential is a challenge to recognize and cultivate. Even mothers might not see full potential! Do you think these conversations could have ever occurred?

Mrs. Morse: “Sam, stop tapping your fingers on the table…you’re driving me crazy!”

Mrs. Lindbergh: “Charles, Can’t you do anything by yourself?”

Mrs. Washington: “George never did have a head for money.”

Mrs. Armstrong: “Neil has no more business taking flying lessons than the man in the moon.”

Mrs. Jobs: “Steve, Are you sure an apple a day keeps the doctor away?”

In I Samuel 16, Samuel came to Jesse looking for a 5-star to lead the people of Israel. He looked at 7 of his sons, most of whom were probably 5-star. Jesse wasn’t even going to introduce him to his youngest son – probably considered a 2-star, but Samuel selected David, who became a 5-star! God designed a game plan that fit David’s unique skills. He changed the history of Israel when he defeated Goliath.

The Bible is filled with people who the world looked at as 2-star, but God and the right people helped them to become 5-star people. 5-stars never start out as 5-stars. Potential, coaching, mentoring, teaching, encouragement, commitment, hard work, etcetera can move people up the star scale! You might be the next Joe Burrow. You might have the next Joe Burrow working for you. Don’t overlook those possibilities!

Will the next Joe Burrow please step up?

Photo Credit: “LSUvsGASouth 355” by Tammy Anthony Baker / CC-BY-2.0 / cropped & resized

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