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One of the characteristics of our age is the tremendous negativity that is being directed toward people, philosophies, and events. The social media network, plus the traditional avenues of television, radio, and print are flooding our world with negative things.

One of the descriptive words for this is “disgust.” People who study human behavior say that we are being bombarded by “disgust.” Valerie Curtis of The New York Times, referred to as a “disgustologist,” reports that disgust plays a powerful role in nearly everything, from romance to diet to politics.

This is readily seen in the political realm. The Super PACs, which are the results of the Supreme Courts’ decision in the Citizens United case, have emerged and they seem to basically be buying disgust by the tons and dumping it throughout our world. Most of these PACs tell how bad or wrong one of the candidates might be. Because of some of the interpretations of the law, people are not really sure who is paying for all of this disgust advertising and how much the political figure who is favored by it is involved in it. Polls show that 62% of the public are opposed to the Citizens United decision.

Some people have suggested that the Republican primaries will most likely be won by the candidate who can create the most disgust about his opponent, while at the same time deflecting the disgust that you might feel for him. William Falk compiles this disgust factor and says, “Mitt Romney’s opponents will tell you that he is a filthy-rich , tax-evading vulture capitalist who made his fortune firing factory workers. Newt Gingrich will be portrayed as a hypocritical, influence-peddling serial adulterer and an emotionally unstable megalomaniac. Barack Obama will be condemned as an incompetent, tax-and-spend socialist who will run up the deficit, put everyone on food stamps, and turn America into France.”

The media can paint a picture of a person that they want to project, rather than what the person is really like. Isn’t it time that we go back to supporting political candidates because of who they are rather than how they are colored through the media. Why can’t we go back to electing political candidates based on what they can do rather than a criticism of their opponents? Why can’t we demand that political candidates focus on what they stand for rather than what they oppose in somebody else?

I have a hunch that our forefathers would be appalled at the epidemic of “disgust” that seems to be prevalent in our society. A society that begins to worship and practice negativity will become a negative society. Listening to and advocating “disgust” will lead a nation to a “disgusting” result.

Contrast this to the decision Jesus rendered in His case involving citizens. He taught that every citizen is of infinite worth and should be loved as we love ourselves. (Matthew 22:39) He has organized a superb PAC (Positive Affirmation Communication) which He calls the church. His plan is to influence every citizen and every aspect of life! (Romans 12:1, 2)

Disgust or Divine declaration – what are we spreading?

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