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I love preaching in churches of other denominations. One of my treasured memories of ministry is having preached in revivals at the First Baptist Church in Eufaula, AL every third year for the past 30 years. The pastor is Dr. Ken Bush. He’s been there for 39 years. Baptist preachers really feel secure to invite a Methodist preacher to preach a revival. Ken Bush is “my kind of pastor.”

Ken and Joyce have a great family. One son, Bryant Bush, is one of those multitalented people who sings, speaks, and writes. He and I became good friends when he was in seminary a few years ago.

Bryant shared a great story with me. He talked about being in Eufaula in the 7th grade. He was sitting in the back of science class and saw another boy who seemed to be as bored as he was. He noticed the boy was reading a Sports Illustrated Magazine. He immediately related to him.

The boy’s name was Les Snead. Bryant shared with Les the importance of knowing God on a personal basis through His son Jesus Christ. Bryant had the opportunity to lead Les to accepting Christ. Growing up in Eufaula they were like brothers. Les was from a broken home so he basically lived at the Bush home. Bryant said, “Our dreams were bigger than our environment!”

I love that statement! “Our dreams were bigger than our environment!” That’s the kind of dreaming that allows God to do miraculous things with people!

Les wanted to work in sports, but had no money or connections. When he graduated from high school, he walked on at Auburn and earned a scholarship. He had plans to go to medical school, but loved sports more. He became a graduate assistant with the Auburn football team. One day at practice he met a professional football scout who was impressed with his people skills and the tremendous knowledge he had of each player on the team. This pro scout opened a door for Les to be hired as one of the youngest pro scouts for the Jacksonville Jaguars. He was later hired by the Atlanta Falcons as director of player personnel.

Les’ favorite childhood team was the Los Angeles Rams. He’d always dreamed of being a GM – general manager, but it seemed impossible. But remember, with God nothing is impossible! The Los Angeles Rams hired him as general manager five years ago!
At the beginning of this season, Sports Illustrated and the Wall Street Journal have cited Les and the Rams as being one of the teams who is creatively changing the strategy for building pro teams. Les always remains true to his Christian faith. He uses his job as a platform to do for others what Bryant did for him in his relationship with God.

This picture shows Les and Bryant last year in New York City as the Rams were playing the Giants. Bryant often speaks to the Rams team. He told me it was an awesome thing to walk out to the 50 yard line before the game in Metlife Stadium. He and Les talked about how far God had taken two friends from Eufaula whose dreams were bigger than their environment.

How big are your dreams? If they are smaller than your environment, you will live below the purpose God created for you. If your dreams are bigger than your environment, get ready for an exciting ride! From where you are right now, God can take you to any place in His world! Read Joel 2:28, Judges 7:13-22, and Psalms 126:1-3.

Watch the Rams play this year. Remember the preacher’s son in the 7th grade who influenced another boy who has put together the Los Angeles Rams team. Both of those 7th grade boys are still dreaming bigger than their environments!!

How big are your dreams?


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