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One day Jesus was teaching a large number of people by the Sea of Galilee. The people had patiently listened all day. No one had planned lunch.

Later in the afternoon the disciples came to Jesus and said that they needed to do something about food. This might indicate that there were a lot of Methodists in the group because Methodists are always concerned about food anytime that they meet together. After surveying the huge crowd, no one had brought any food, except one little boy. He only had five loaves and two fish.

When the disciples reported the impossibility of doing anything, Jesus had a totally different perspective. He asked them to bring the little boy to Him. He took the five loaves and two fish. He blessed them and then told the disciples to feed the people.

Wow! The food kept multiplying. The Bible indicates that there were 5,000 men fed, not counting women and children. You know that everybody there were not Methodists because there were twelve basketfuls left over. Methodists seldom have any food left over!

A basic principle emerges. Something might be little, but when it is placed in God’s hands, it becomes large. Five loaves and two fish in Jesus hands was enough to feed thousands of people.

Oftentimes we think that we don’t have much to offer in a situation. We complain about how little we have. Whenever little is placed into God’s hands miracles can happen.

I read about a young boy by the name of Robert Hill. Years ago he had heard about Albert Schweitzer’s ministry in Africa and the work that he did in hospitals. The boy was tremendously impressed. He wanted to do something.

The little boy saved his money and bought one bottle of aspirin. He wanted to send it to Africa. The young boy’s father was an Army sergeant stationed in Italy. A newspaper reporter and a person working at a radio station heard about the little boy’s interest and published stories about it.

People responded to this beautiful story of a little boy who was giving one bottle of aspirin. People started sending in money and medical supplies. When the airplane left for Africa it carried supplies with over $400,000 for Dr. Schweitzer’s ministry!

Just one little boy was willing to give just one little bottle of aspirin. God took it and multiplied it. Most of the headaches and heartaches of the world could be cured if we were willing to give our bottle of aspirin to God and let Him use it.

Little becomes a lot when it is placed in God’s hands. A little boy with some loaves and fish – a little boy with some aspirin – look what God did with it. What do you and I have to place in God’s hands?

Little becomes a lot when it is given to God!

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