A Huge Name Change

A Huge Name Change

Ft. Benning, Georgia’s name is being changed on May 11, 2023. It will now be known as Ft. Moore.

The military base is being named after Lieutenant General Hal Moore. His life was a great inspiration to many people. He embodied the essence of a servant leader.

My good friend, Toby Warren, was a close, close friend of General Moore. In General Moore’s latter days, Toby drove him to Mass every morning. He also accompanied him three times to West Point. Let me share one incident that Toby shared with me.

On their last visit to West Point, General Moore wanted to go to the chapel. It was a time of the day when no one else was present. He walked in the back door and Toby stood behind him. General Moore snapped to attention. He marched down the center aisle to the front where he made a 90-degree left-hand turn, went a few steps, and made a 90-degree right-hand turn, and then fell on the concrete floor. Toby did the same thing.

General Moore lay there on the concrete praying to God for leadership in his life. His falling on the concrete floor was indicative of his humble spirit. “Humble yourselves under the right hand of God so that He may exalt you at the proper time.” (1 Peter 5:6)

General Moore got up and came to attention. He marched out the front door to a stone balcony. There was a fence about four feet high around that balcony. He stood at attention facing the Hudson River. He was praying to God, asking for God’s leadership.

That’s the kind of man whose name will identify the Army installation at Columbus, Georgia.

Let me go a step further. The Catholic church in Auburn was sold to the Auburn United Methodist Church. The Catholic church moved to a new location and built a new building. Members of that congregation were invited to come to the new location during construction and sign their names on the concrete floor before it was finished.

General Moore wanted to go and sign his name. Toby drove him to the new church. The General went down to the front where there are steps leading up to the altar. He knelt on the floor, spent time praying, and signed his name. Toby also signed his name.

I pray that God will raise up more people in the military like General Hal Moore. You can read many interesting things about him and his Godly leadership.

God also wants to raise up Godly leaders in the business world, the church, the sports world, and in every aspect of life. God wants to raise up men and women who will follow God’s leadership. God can use a humble spirit that’s open to His direction. You may not be a General in the Army, but you have a sphere of influence. Use your influence for the Kingdom of God!

General Moore’s name will be prominently displayed to thousands and thousands of military people and civilians. He makes me proud to be an American and demonstrates a humble Christian lifestyle of servant leadership!

What influence will your name carry?

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