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Some people were talking about gifts and stocking stuffers for Christmas. Someone started asking about some of the books that I have written recently. It was suggested that I post a brief description of some gift possibilities.

1. Treasures of the Transformed Life – This is a 40-day study based on the areas of commitment regarding how we pray, attend worship, give financially, serve, and witness. It is intended to be used by couples, friends, or families. There are two or three questions at the end of the reading for each day that opens up good discussion. The cost is $10.

2. Transformed Living in Tough Times is a short book that was a result of some thoughts concerning the tough economic time through which we are going. Tough Times also include health issues, family issues, weather challenges, job issues, etc. It is a small book that is very practical about how transformed people live in tough times. It leads us to focus on fundamentals, priorities, and a commitment to a Christ-like attitude. There are questions at the end for reflection and discussion. It can be used by individuals, families or small groups. The cost is $8.

3. Transformed Living in Tough Times-Devotions Following the theme of the Transformed Living it was suggested that I write 60 devotionals about how transformed people live in tough times. Each day’s devotional is about two pages long. It is intended to help us as transformed people to focus on Biblical principles for navigating tough times. The cost is $10.

You can call the John Ed Mathison Leadership Ministries office at 334-270-2149 to order any books. These books are published by Abingdon Press, which is a United Methodist Publishing House entity. The books can also be purchased through Cokesbury Stores and at the Frazer bookstore. The mailing cost for each book is $2.30.

These ideas are posted simply because of the timely nature of the season, the topics, and the importance of a Christian perspective on these important issues.

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