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Thanksgiving is a day that has been celebrated for a long time.  We have added Black Friday, Cyber Monday and now Giving Tuesday.  That’s tomorrow.  Giving Tuesday is a day to focus on giving and celebrate generosity.

I’m sending this message to people who receive my weekly email blog.  You might be looking for a place to give on #Giving Tuesday, or you might be contemplating a year-end gift.  If the weekly emails mean something to you and you want to support this ministry, you could send a contribution to:

John Ed Mathison Leadership Ministries

4131 Carmichael Road, Suite 4

Montgomery, AL 36106

I remind you that we are members of ECFA – Evangelical Council of Financial Accountability – which is the most stringent organization for financial accountability for non-profit organizations.  John Ed Mathison Leadership Ministries also has a strong board of directors who direct this ministry.  If you go to our website, www.johnedmathison.org., you can see the names and brief resumes of our directors.

If you have suggestions how our blog ministry might be improved, or if you have comments about what it means to you, please share those.

Please pray every day for this ministry and for God’s work around the world!!

P.S.  If you send a contribution, I’ll send you a copy of a small book that I just completed entitled Where Is America Headed? 


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