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Glasses help us see things accurately. Years ago I had an old pair of glasses which I used for reading. I then was able to move to using one contact. I since have started using two contacts to see better. Just in case I lost a contact while traveling, I needed to upgrade that old pair of glasses. I recently got me a new pair.

There is a new kind of glasses that will be coming out in early 2014. Google will be selling a pair of glasses which look like a sleek pair of lens-less spectacles. These new glasses will allow users to interface with data hands free, using voice commands to control a display just barely in the user’s field of vision. It is predicted that these new glasses will change the way people access and record data.

Those new “google glasses” will have a tremendous impact on behavior. They will be considered an advancement in being able to see things.

The best glasses ever were the ones that Jesus wore – figuratively speaking. He was able to see things that nobody else could see. He saw them clearly. He could interphase with any kind of data. He saw things as they really were, yet he saw what things could be.

My new glasses and those new google glasses will help me see things, but do I really see what Jesus saw. I want to move back – or forward to seeing what He saw.

One day, when Jesus was eating, a woman came to Him and poured an expensive flask of oil on His feet. The disciples were wearing “glasses” that showed that this was an inappropriate use of something valuable. They were shocked. They said, “This ointment could have been sold for a high price and the money given to the poor.” Jesus rebuked them and said this woman’s deed would be remembered and discussed throughout the world. (Matthew 26:6-13)

Jesus didn’t see expensive oil being wasted; He saw the heart of a woman who was expressing her devotion to Him. The disciples saw an economic waste – Jesus saw a beautiful gift.

One day a small man by the name of Zacchaeus, an IRS agent, climbed up a tree in order to see Jesus. The disciples saw a person who had cheated people (and potentially had targeted the Christian movement as a conservative religious organization). Jesus saw him as a potential follower. He saw what Zacchaeus could become.

Through what kind of glasses do we look? Do we see people with faults of the past, or do we see people who could be transformed into a tremendous future? Do we see spilled expensive oil as a waste, or do we see a potential gift of devotion?

One problem with glasses is that they are easy to lose. Some people say they spend most of their time looking for their glasses. Even contacts fall out or are misplaced. God’s glasses are permanent and never get lost!

God glasses will be a lot better than google glasses! Am I willing to see events and people as God sees them – or do I think modern advancements will help me see better?


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