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“They messed with the wrong woman.” That statement is from a Saudi woman who dared to drive. She didn’t break a speed limit or run a red light, but was arrested in her home city. Manal al-Sharif challenged the law in Saudi Arabia which prohibits a woman to drive.

Manal spent nine days in jail. A film then emerged that showed her driving. It went viral and became uploaded to YouTube. She instantly became a worldwide figure. Because of her actions, Manal has received many death threats. This 33-year-old is a courageous woman. She said, “The harsher the attacks, the better I am doing.” They messed with the wrong woman!

God has many times used women to pave the way for righteousness and justice. The king of Jericho was part of a plot to kill the Israelite people. There was a prostitute named Rahab who lived in Jericho. Two Israelites had been sent by Joshua to check out the land. They came to Rahab’s house. She hid them. When the king of Jericho approached her, she didn’t tell the truth, but she saved the lives of the spies. Her boldness to protect them saved a city. She also was in the lineage of Jesus. (Matthew 1:5) They messed with the wrong woman!

Esther was a beautiful lady who learned of a plot to kill her people. She was urged to approach the king on behalf of the people. If she did this without an invitation, the law permitted her to be killed. She did it. The evil plot to kill the Jewish people was revealed and defeated. They messed with the wrong woman!

A woman ignited a change in history on May 30, 1431. Her name was Joan of Arc, and she pursued a divine vision to rid France of its oppressors. She was brought to trial. Her defense was “God has always been my guide in all that I have done.” She was sentenced to burn at the stake. As flames engulfed her, she clutched a cross to her bosom, and her last word was “Jesus.” They messed with the wrong woman!

When the Nazis were putting masses of Jewish people in those horrible furnaces, a Dutch Christian woman, Corrie ten Boom, hid Jews in a “hiding place” in her home. She was arrested and taken to a concentration camp. Her ministry and actions saved the lives of many. They messed with the wrong woman!

Satan and his cohorts tried to advance poverty in the world. They wanted to bring discouragement and hopelessness to the people of India. A woman named Mother Teresa lived out the faith in a humble, loving way and she made a huge dent in changing history. She said she saw Jesus on each face of the diseased and dying people. They messed with the wrong woman!

We are celebrating the 40th anniversary of Title IX. This opened the door for participation of women in sports. Before Title IX, 1 in 27 high school girls played sports. Today 1 in 2 play sports. I am grateful to a lot of women who made that possible. They messed with the wrong women!

If God is speaking to your heart to do something in His name, He may be calling you to do something nobody else would do. Don’t miss the opportunity to serve. If evil is messing with you, it might just be the sign that God is eager to use your witness at a higher level. I thank God for women who have stood up for righteousness, truth, and justice. I am glad evil has messed with the wrong women!

Go Girl!


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