God Has a Tattoo

God with a tattoo on each of his hands.


Did you know that God has a tattoo? Isaiah 49:15 (NLT) says, “Can a mother forget her little child and not have love for her own son? I will never forget you; Look, I have tattooed your name in the palm of my hand.”

Sometimes we feel like God has forgotten about us. This is true for many people during the past few months with the spread of the COVID-19, the clashes between races, challenges of the disrupted economy – the list goes on. You can feel forgotten and have a pity party for yourself, or you can look at the tattoo in God’s hand, feel thankful, and have a praise party!

One of the unexpected consequences of the shelter-at-home has been the deterioration of the emotional and mental health of so many people. People have spent too much time watching television and locked into social media. People have become discouraged, despondent, and questioning if God still cares. He does care – He has a tattoo of your name in the palm of His hand!

Read how Jesus addressed the problem of anxiety and worry in Matthew 6:25-34. Jesus said that all of your worry and anxiety won’t add one inch to your height. Look at the birds and flowers around you. If God is taking care of the birds and flowers, don’t you know he’s taking care of you? Your name is tattooed in the palm of His hand!

A construction crew was building a new road through a rural area. They were knocking down trees. A superintendent noticed that one tree had a nest of baby birds that couldn’t fly. He marked the tree so that it would not be cut down. Weeks later, he came back to that tree. He got a bucket truck to lift him so that he could look into the nest. The little birds were gone – they had learned to fly.

He then ordered the tree to be cut down. When the tree hit the ground, the nest fell out, and some of the materials that the birds had gathered to make the nest were scattered. Part of the nest was a scrap torn from a Sunday school pamphlet with these words, “He cares for you.”

Focus on the tattoo in God’s hand. He has your name spelled correctly, and His love and thoughts are laser beamed towards you. “Let Him have all your worries. He cares for you. He is always thinking about you and watching everything that concerns you.” (I Peter 5:7)

There is a parable about a man who had just died, and he was reviewing the footsteps that he had taken in his life. He noticed that over the mountains and difficult places he had traveled, there was one set of footprints. When the path was not dangerous and easy to walk, he noticed there were two sets of footprints.

The man turned to Christ and said, “There’s something I don’t understand – why is it that down the hills and over the smooth and easy places, you walked by my side, but over the rough and difficult places, I walked alone.” Jesus answered, “It’s true that while your life was easy, I walked by your side, but when the walking was hard and the path difficult, I realized that was the time you needed me the most, and that is when I carried you.”

Check out God’s tattoo!!

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