God Redefines the Possible

God Redefines the Possible

Last week I wrote about the language of Christmas and the importance of speaking it. As we enter 2024, I want to add another aspect of that language that is so important for us to think and to speak every day of the year. It’s the Christmas language of possibilities.

About ten years ago, two African American men, Anthony and Fred Brock, came to my office. I knew them through sports. They shared a vision of starting a school that could help young African American boys who could easily become a statistic of a dropout, or incarceration, or death. They believed that God didn’t go by statistics, but could redefine the possible!

I fortunately did not tell them how I initially felt, but encouraged them because if it was God’s will, it could happen. Nobody gave them much of a chance to see it come to fruition, but it did! I’m privileged to serve on the board of Valiant Cross Academy today.

Boys begin in the sixth grade. We have had our first two graduating classes. Not a single young man dropped out of school. God redefined what was possible and every graduate from the last two years is now in college, community college, trade school, the military, or has a very good job. More than that, they have been challenged to a relationship with God through His Son Jesus to “Rise Above.”

One of the top awards in education is the YASS Prize. It is known as the “Pulitzer of education, innovation, and awards the best education providers who tackle significant education challenges.”

Valiant Cross applied. There were over 2,000 applicants across the country. The first elimination left 64 quarter finalists in September. When the semi-finalists were announced in October, VCA was the only school in Alabama left in the top 33. In December, Valiant Cross Academy was selected #1 for the YASS Award! With it comes a $1 million gift to the school. God redefined the possible!

Go visit the school some morning about 7:45 when they have their “village.” They begin with a devotional. As boys come into to sanctuary of the old Dexter Avenue Methodist Church, each boy shakes the hand of one of the Brock brothers, looks him in the eye, and hears these words, “I love you brother.” As they leave the chapel, they shake hands with another faculty member who looks them in the eye and says, “I love you brother.” They go out onto the sidewalks of Dexter Avenue and recite cheers, sayings, and Bible verses. As they go back in for class, they shake hands again with another faculty member who looks them in the eye and says, “I love you brother.”

Now get this. Before 8:20 each morning, every student has three different people tell him, “I love you.” It’s sad that many young people in Montgomery go all day, all week, or all month without hearing that. Love creates a culture in which God can redefine the possible!

I often think back to that day ten years ago when I looked into the face of two black men who knew that God could do the impossible. They taught me! The result of that meeting was one of the best days of my ministry and God ignited a fire of miracles and possibilities that continues today! I believe it will be even greater in the future!

Remember when the angel told Mary she would give birth to a son. Mary explained that would be impossible because she was a virgin. The angel said, “Nothing will be impossible with God.” (Luke 1:37)

How can God redefine the possibilities in your life today and every day in 2024?

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