God’s Benefits Package

God’s Benefits Package

Whenever a person is interviewing for a job, one of the topics is the kind of benefits the company offers the potential employee.  One of the benefits refers to whether or not health insurance is provided. That’s a major part of a benefit package.

Benefits also might include life insurance, disability, vacation time, sick leave, working conditions, and many more. God has greater benefits than all of these. If you follow Him as His disciple, He has the best benefits package possible. David reminds us of His benefits package in Psalm 103.

  1. He forgives. (v 3) The Bible is very clear that each of us sins and makes a mess out of life. God always stands ready to forgive if we confess. Thank God that He forgives, regardless of how big our sins might seem.
  2. He heals. (v 3) We all stand in need of healing—emotionally, spiritually, and physically. This past year I have witnessed God’s healing power in several close friends. Even the doctors are amazed. I have also seen Him heal relationships and attitudes and mistakes. He is in the healing business today.
  3. He restores. (v4) He restores your life from the pit. God doesn’t just redeem us and heal us and leave us where we are. The Bible refers to the pit as being the worst possible consequence. You can’t get out of the pit. God can get you out of the pit and restore you.
  4. He Crowns. (v 4) He crowns you with steadfast love and mercy. Crown means it’s like putting a crown on your head which indicates a special position in life. His love is steadfast—it’s the same in all situations. His mercy is His gift that we don’t deserve.
  5. He Satisfies. (v 5) In life we are always looking for things that satisfy us. We get hungry and look for a good meal. It satisfies for a little while, but we get hungry again. Everything in life that satisfies is temporary, except God. He makes it clear that He satisfies completely as long as you live.
  6. He Renews. (v5) He renews your youth. Everybody is interested in being healthy and living longer. We all want to live a lot more years, but we don’t want to get older. You have to get older in order to live longer. It’s amazing how some people who are 80 seem to have the mental and physical capacities of somebody that’s 50—conversely, there are some people at 50 who seem to have the physical and mental capacities of an 80-year-old. If you didn’t know how old you are, how old would you think you are? Your youth is renewed like the eagles.

I love this reminder from David. He knew it was easier for us to forget than to be thankful for all His benefits. That’s why he begins by saying, “Do not forget all His benefits.” (v 2)

I don’t know what kind of benefit package you have where you are employed. I know some people that take a certain job because of the benefit package more than the salary. Benefits are extremely important.

God’s benefit package exceeds exponentially any benefits package offered anywhere else. Be sure God’s benefit package is something that you have claimed in your life. He offers it to you.

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