God’s Supply Chain

God's Supply Chain

We have some big problems concerning the effectiveness of the supply chain in getting goods and products to the proper place where people can receive them. We have experienced delays in most aspects of the economy. People have stocked up on things. Many stores have empty shelves.

Some people have been doing their Christmas shopping for months because we were told that many of the things that people give for Christmas would not be available until the spring. Some people even talked about delaying or missing Christmas.

Good news!! God’s supply chain has not been affected. Somewhere in the past, some people failed to account for the problems with the human supply chain. God has none of those problems. Everything we need to live and experience the great joy of Christmas is available in abundance.

Christmas is never delayed! If Christmas is about toys and gifts and selling products – that could be delayed. If we understand the real meaning of Christmas – it is always on time! Here are three ingredients of Christmas that are in abundant supply – no supply chain problems!

PEACE – The angels sang to God’s glory because Jesus was bringing peace to earth among all people. (Luke 2:14) Jesus offers us peace that “passes all human understanding.” (Philippians 4:7) Peace is a “fruit of the spirit” (Galatians 5:22), “not a fruit of culture.” That’s why God’s peace is never diminished.

Only Jesus can bring that kind of peace. Jesus said, “In me, you will have peace.” (John 16:33) A popular bumper sticker reads “KNOW GOD, KNOW PEACE. NO GOD, NO PEACE.”

JOY – Joy is associated with Christmas. Joy only comes through Jesus. Joy is the result of faithfulness and proclaiming the good news of Jesus Christ and people receiving Him as Lord and Savior. Acts 8:8 says that when Phillip had faithfully preached the good news of Jesus in Samaria, “There was much joy in that city.”

Again, Joy is not something that can be bought. It will never come in gifts or achievements or accomplishments. Joy is not tied to cultural circumstances. It is a gift that God gives through His Son, Jesus Christ.

SALVATION – Jesus came into the world so that we might be saved. God’s supply chain of salvation is so big that “whoever believes in Jesus can have eternal life.” (John 3:16) One day, a man was reading the baseball box score in the morning paper, and he said to his friend, “How would you like to have a job that published your errors daily?” The only way to erase the errors and sin from life is through Jesus Christ. There is no other name by which a person might be saved. (Acts 4:12)

God’s supply chain is totally effective in 2021. God has your name written on each of those gifts and desires to give them to you right now if you will receive them! The temptation is to try to earn these gifts. We don’t deserve them – we can only receive them. My prayer is that you will receive God’s peace, God’s joy, and God’s salvation.

God’s supply chain is open!

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