Good Deeds And Tangible Returns

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One of the two commandments Jesus gave was for us to love our neighbor. Throughout the Bible and life we are encouraged to do positive things for other people. While our motive is to do something to help somebody else, it is interesting that oftentimes it comes back to us in a tangible way.

Bud Stringer lives in Moultrie, Georgia. His wife Dolly shaved her head last spring as she prepared to take chemotherapy to treat breast cancer. To show his support for his wife, Bud shaved his head also.

All of a sudden she discovered a black mark on his head, which was an aggressive form of skin cancer. Bud underwent surgery, along with Dolly. Fortunately they discovered Bud’s cancer on his scalp early and seem to have been able to treat it. Dolly said the doctors told her “I would have been burying him by Christmas” if they hadn’t found the lesion. The both now have good prognoses.

One act of kindness on Bud’s part saved his life!

Christian Lunsford is a 15-year-old boy. He learned that his father had snatched the purse of Tona Herndon while she was visiting her late husband’s gravesite in Bethany, Oklahoma. Christian arranged to meet Tona and apologize for his father’s action.

The teenager also brought $250 which he had recently received as a gift. He gave it to Tona to help pay for the expenses and contents of the purse. Tona was touched by his gesture and immediately handed back the cash. She said, “He gave and I received and I gave and he received, so it worked out.”

It is just difficult to out give God and others in life. One good deed oftentimes comes back to us fourfold.

Emily Kraus and her boyfriend were driving to Hershey, PA., to attend a Dave Matthews concert. They saw a hitchhiker by the side of the road. They stopped to offer help, and discovered that it was Dave Matthews!

Matthews had been riding his bicycle and had a flat. He was stranded without a cell phone. He was due on stage in a couple of hours. Emily gave him a lift and got him to the concert on time. The Grammy-winning singer repaid the couple with dinner, backstage passes, and front-row seats to the show.

Good deeds do pay off!

Rankin Paynter, a Kentucky businessman, saw where a Kmart store was closing in his hometown so he bought out the entire inventory. At first it was to be a good business proposition, but then he saw many poor people around his town of Winchester who needed the goods more than he. Paynter is now able to clothe every struggling family in the area through next winter! They will be warm outside and his is warm inside!

Paynter said, “We’ve all been put on this earth to help each other. If I can help people, then I’m happy.”

The Bible says that if we try to save our life we lose it, but if we lose our lives in doing His service, we will find life. Luke 9:24.

Be alert for the person God puts in your path today!

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