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I was invited recently to speak at the awards banquet for the annual meeting of the Alabama Hospital Associations in Birmingham. This event honored ten people from the State of Alabama who had excelled as a “hospital hero.” I enjoyed the occasion and reconnected with a lot of people from across the state that are in the hospital and medical industries. It was interesting to hear a lot of the discussion about those two industries.

The thing that impressed me most was the ten people selected as heroes. Each of them was given a nice award a brief time to speak to the group. I think all ten of them stated that the honor was possible only because of the talents and gifts that God had given them. Each of them also acknowledged their fellow employees who had made the moment possible.

One reoccurring theme in each person was the fact that they saw their business as a platform for doing ministry. They felt that they went to work in the hospital and God used them to get His work done through them.

That is a great concept. Our workplace should be our pulpit where the sermon we preach might have no words with it. It might just be the quality and excellence with which we do our job and the care that we show to people.

God calls each of us to be a minister. Each of us who has a place of business might view it as the platform God gives us to carry out His work. That is a great way to go to work every day.

How is God going to use you today? I know that part of what you do will be for a paycheck, but your biggest paycheck is when you make an eternal difference in the life of a person.

Those hospital heroes were inspiring. God is raising up a lot of heroes in the workplace today. He is inviting each of us to be one of those heroes!

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