How Big Is Your Vision?


When you think you might see God’s vision for you for 2022, you can test it with two choices. The first choice is to see the vision opportunity as something that would be a “piece of cake.” You can assume that you have everything necessary to accomplish it. You know how well you have been trained and educated, and doing this would not be a problem. If you see it as an easy vision and one you can handle–it’s probably not God’s vision for you.

The other choice is to see the vision and immediately think that you are inadequate to accomplish it. That vision appears to be so big. You are eager to follow God’s will, but it just seems too big. That means that it is probably what God is calling you to do!

I was speaking at a church in Atlanta. A very dignified man came up to me and introduced himself as John Haggai. He invited me to come to his ministry office the next day. When I walked into his office complex, there was a sign saying, “The Worldwide Ministry of John Haggai welcomes John Ed Mathison.” Wow! I’m just a small-time preacher in Montgomery, and, all of a sudden, he thought my visit was important enough to put my name on the sign.

Meeting with Dr. Haggai and hearing about the worldwide vision that God had given him was both inspiring and intimidating. His vision really expanded my thinking. The things his ministry was doing seemed impossible from my limited point of view. He taught me about vision.

Dr. Haggai said, “Your vision must be so big that unless God is in it, it’s doomed to fail.” My understanding of vision would never be the same after that.

It’s tempting to think that you are talented enough to fulfill God’s vision for you. The emphasis on modern individualist development emphasizes that any individual has the capability of doing anything. That sounds good–but it is not correct.

What is correct is understanding that we can do anything when we totally trust in God. Paul said, “I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me.” (Philippians 4:13) Paul wrote to the Corinthians, “Now I am glad to boast about how weak I am; I am glad to be a living demonstration of Christ’s power, instead of showing off my own power and abilities. ….when I am weak, then I am strong-the less I have, the more I depend on Him.” (2 Corinthians 12:9-10)

Real faith is seeing God’s vision, seizing it, and knowing that God is going to strengthen us, sustain us, and supply everything necessary to accomplish the vision. Living in God’s vision is the most exciting adventure in life. You will find yourself straining, but it is in the straining that we find the strength that God gives.

A life without God’s vision is like being on a merry-go-round of meaningless activity. Life without God’s vision is like an octopus on roller skates–you see a lot of action, but you are not going anywhere. Life without God’s vision becomes an exhausting exercise in futility. It is your choice! Relying on independent striving creates a life of frustration and unfulfilled dreams. Relying on dependent serving allows you to ride the huge waves of God’s grace and go places in 2022 that you never knew existed!

It’s your choice–your vision using independent striving or God’s vision using dependent serving!

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