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About 1500 funeral directors attended the Death Care World Expo 99. Much of it had to do with introducing new concepts for funerals as demanded by baby boomers.

People were told that boomers are opting for shorter, less costly services, eulogies with poems and personal memories, and even post funeral parties. Some want to be buried with their pets. Many are choosing environmentally friendly options such as plain pine boxes or leaning toward cremation.

Celestis Incorporated, a Houston company, will launch the cremated remains into space. It cost about $5000 and the remains are placed in canisters aboard commercial satellite launch vehicles and sent into low earth orbit. The next launch is set for September.

Boomers think that caskets don’t need to be cold and gloomy. One company offers caskets made with shells and dirt from the deceased’s favorite beach or own backyard. 

Baby boomers, baby busters, generation X, and all the rest of us will discover that the solution to death is not found in a funeral, but in Easter. A comfortable casket won’t change our eternal destiny – only our faith in Him who conquered death.

God can make a casket a hope chest!

[The above is an excerpt found on page 114 from the book Extra Effort by John Ed Mathison. Extra Effort is available through the John Ed Mathison Leadership Ministries.]

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