How’s Your Uvula?

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Dave Harvey made some interesting comments recently. He was talking about the fact that he did not sleep well. His problem was diagnosed as apnea. He said his wife called it “snoring-like-all-git-out.”

When Dave went to see the doctor, the doctor suggested that he could cure his problem. He would be able to sleep and wouldn’t snore. All he had to do was remove his uvula.

Dave didn’t even know he had a uvula, and the idea of removing something was a bit scary for him. He also began to think about the fact that he hadn’t been able to sleep well, so he decided to part with his uvula so he could be introduced to good sleep.

He had the surgery. It was successful. He did not snore.

But there was something far more important that happened. Dave Harper found his dreams. Because he had never been able to sleep, he had never dreamed. He could never remember one time in his life having a dream.

Now he is sleeping well and has beautiful dreams. I think he would highly recommend the uvula surgery to not only alleviate snoring but to open up the possibility of dreams.

What kind of dreams do you have? It’s healthy and helpful to dream. The best dreams come when you’re awake. The Prophet Joel talked about how “the old men should dream dreams and the young men should see visions.”

Dreams are the stuff that God puts in our minds in order for us to see things that we have never seen before. He puts goals and opportunities and possibilities out in front of us. I want to be awake for the endless possibilities that God has for me if I am willing to dream His dreams.

If you never dream, you will never have a dream come true. Most of the great inventions of life began when somebody dared to dream. Dreams take us out of the status quo. Dreams take us beyond the little spheres in which we live. Dreams broaden our views and open up the possibilities of new horizons to be conquered.

Whatever the uvula is that is keeping you from dreaming in life, ask God to do His surgery to remove it. During 2011 I want to sleep better, be more alive when awake, and dream God’s dream for my life!

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