I Believe in Miracles

I Believe in Miracles

On December 13, I wrote about the miracle that is occurring at Valiant Cross Academy. Eight years ago, people thought it would be impossible for them to survive. They are not only surviving, but thriving! VCA just received the prestigious YASS award, the Pulitzer of education and innovation.

Christmas is the season of miracles. The new year offers opportunities for us to experience many miracles that God wants to perform. Let me reflect on a couple of other miracles I experienced that same week of December 11-15, 2023.

On Wednesday night, I spoke at the RSVP Meeting at Landmark Church of Christ. This is a Christian 12-step program for people who by God’s grace are overcoming addictions—alcohol, drugs, gambling, etc.

That night they had 79 people present. They were so receptive to my message of expectation of miracles. My heart was moved as person after person, from all walks of life, shared the miracle of what God was doing in them. There were businesspeople, young people, poor people, white and black people—it was a reflection of society. It reminded me that God can change anybody, anytime, anywhere!

A few churches have had effective recovery programs for a few years. The one at Landmark is now in its 23rd year! That’s a miracle! The volunteers who work there take no credit—they know that God is working miracles in the lives of people.

Now that’s what church is really about—people responding to the transforming grace of God.  Often, we talk about things, but that ministry at Landmark is doing it. That’s real church!!

On Tuesday of that same week, I participated in a special program for Alabama Christian Academy. The Headmaster is Greg Glenn. He asked me to help put together a chapel program that could challenge the students to be open to how God could use each of them in a way to make the City of Montgomery a good, Godly city. All the students from sixth grade through twelfth grade attended.

Former Mayor Todd Strange was the emcee of the panel for three of us, Ken Austin, Jay Wolf, and me. We come from different denominations, races, and backgrounds. We three, along with another African American pastor, Kyle Searcy, have been working for the past few years to build “Unity in our Community.” Miraculous things are happening in race relations in Montgomery!

We gave each student a 3X5 card to write down specifically what God would lead them to do in the city in 2024. The things written on their cards described miracles! They don’t want to be a school that just does “business as usual.”  They are following the vision of the Headmaster to make ACA a school where lives are transformed and where people find comfort in crossing racial, denominational, economic, and educational lines.

Contrary to what some people think, I wasn’t there to witness the feeding of the 5,000, the virgin birth, David’s victory over Goliath, or the deliverance of the Hebrew people, but I’m alive today and am challenging you in 2024 to be open to and available for the miracles that God wants to do today.

When I was a pastor of Frazer for 36 years, we opened every worship service with a chorus “I believe in miracles.” I saw hundreds of miracles. In 2024, I claim Paul’s posture of “standing on tiptoe, yearning to see the unveiling of God’s glorious sons and daughters!” (Romans 8:18)

Do you believe and experience miracles?

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