I Love My Job

I Love My Job

Since the pandemic 60% of people in America have sought a new job. The percentage of those new jobs not working out is rising every month. 

Do you remember the Johnny Paycheck song “Take This Job and Shove It?” I wish somebody would write a song, “Take This Job and Love It.” Here are three ways we express love for our job.

  1. Loyalty–Be loyal to the people for whom and with whom you work. Don’t always be looking for greener grass. The grass on the other side of the fence might look greener, but most of the time it’s artificial turf. 

Walter Orthmann is a Brazilian man who has been working at the same textile company for 84 years. He’s 100 years old and still working. He said, “You need to get busy with the present, not the past or future.” Loyalty is important both to the employer and employee. Loyalty breeds positive satisfaction and appreciation.

Studies show that companies that have people who stay a long time are more productive. At Frazer, we grew from 400 to 9,000 members and added many people to the staff. I always asked every potential staff member if they would stay for at least five years. Most stayed until they retired.

  1. Excellence–We need to do our work with excellence. My wife Lynn’s motto for her business is “excellence is never an accident.” Our work should always be done with excellence. If we don’t do it right the first time, when are we going to have time to correct it?

Excellence does not mean perfection. We will never be perfect, but we ought to be moving towards perfection. When Jesus said, “Be ye perfect.” (Matthew 5:48) It means that we don’t achieve perfection, but we are moving towards perfection.

A man is building a small chain of restaurants in Sydney, Australia around the theme of “rude waiters with non-existent manners.”  They advertise “great food, terrible service.” I wouldn’t think their wait staff would get very big tips for that. It’s a novelty trick to advertise, but I predict it won’t be around long.

  1. Integrity—Productive relationships depend on integrity. It seems to be a missing element in today’s society.

Today it is quite popular to order food from some restaurant and have it delivered to your home. There are some companies like DoorDash, etc. who do this. I read recently where 500 delivery people were interviewed and asked the question, “Have you ever taken any food out of a container that you are delivering to a home?” Four out of five—that’s 80%–said that they had. Their excuse was that they didn’t think that folks would miss a chicken nugget, shrimp, or French fry.

Our work should be a platform in which we allow God to do His ministry through us. That platform becomes stronger and more effective and more obvious when we exemplify loyalty, excellence, and integrity.

Do you love your job?

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