Irrelevant or Relevant?

Irrelevant or Relevant?

Brock Purdy was the last person chosen in the 2022 NFL draft. That person receives the title “Mr. Irrelevant.” Nobody wanted him. The San Francisco 49ers took him.

He would be the least likely person to become a super star two years later in the NFL. Statistics were against him, but he never relied on statistics. In 2024, he ultimately relies on God’s plan for his life, and he wants to be in the center of God’s plan. He has quarterbacked the 49ers to the 58th Super Bowl. He has gone from Mr. Irrelevant to his new title of Mr. Elite Relevant! (I gave him that new title.)

He brought his team back from a 17-point deficit in the second half of the playoff win over the Detroit Lions. When reporters asked how he handled that, he said, “So when I’m down and at the half, honestly, I’m just thinking, ‘all right God, you’ve taken me here, and win or lose, I’m going to glorify you.’ That’s my peace, that’s the joy, that’s the steadfastness, that’s where I get it from. And that’s the honest truth.” 

In that remarkable playoff game against the Detroit Lions. He repeatedly did what experts said he couldn’t do. He only averaged 2.4 yards a game running during the year. He ran the ball for 52 yards, with 33 coming after contact! All three of his scrambles were for first downs!  He completed 13 of 16 passes for 174 yards, a touchdown, and a 132.8 quarterback rating! His combined yards passing and rushing were the most ever by a 49ers QB in a conference title game victory. Remember that Joe Montana and Steve Young were former 49er quarterbacks!

He went on to say that it was God who had taken him to where he is in life at this point, and he is going to trust Him for the future. When asked about a prediction in the Super Bowl, he said, “Win or lose I will give the glory to God.”

Purdy looks like a college kid. He has a big smile on his face. The players believe in him. He has had a tremendous Christian impact on that team, and everybody associated with it.

He is a breath of fresh air for football fans. Many people don’t recognize the air when it’s fresh, but those who do take a deep breath and appreciate what his Christian witness means!

Football experts said that he doesn’t have the physical and mental talents for a great quarterback, but that doesn’t stop him. He just keeps playing, making unbelievable plays, and giving all the glory to God.

Maybe you are not the most talented or smartest person in your class or profession. You might even be one of those “last persons drafted.” You can sit down and complain about what you don’t have, or you can commit what you do have to God and let Him use you. It’s your choice! Brock Purdy would say that you and God always make a majority!

Please don’t read this and just sit and admire a football player. God can take you from Irrelevant to Relevant–maybe even Elite Relevant! Always remember to give God the glory.

Winning or losing a Super Bowl is not the most important thing in Purdy’s life. His future won’t depend on the outcome of that game. His future is bright in doing what God put him here to do—to be a good witness for Him and his future doesn’t just include this life, but he knows where he will spend eternity. That’s the most relevant future you can have!

Are you leaning towards being Irrelevant or Relevant? Would you let God make you Elite Relevant?

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