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The junior ROTC program in a Worcester, Massachusetts High School has been teaching a lot about courage, compassion, and how to make your life count. Four members of the Jr. ROTC (16 & 17 year olds) are being honored as heroes because they rushed into a burning house and woke up the sleeping residents. Because of their bravery and concern, 13 people escaped unharmed – including 6 children ages 2-10!

The students at North High School were driving by the house about 11:30PM on Wednesday, Nov. 26, 2018. They saw smoke. They decided to act. They immediately called 911, but didn’t wait for the first responders. They broke down the front door and spread out to different floors. They woke up the people and led them to safety.

It raised the question to me – how many times do I pass by “places that are on fire,” but move on and never “wake up” people who are inside. I’ve had some people give me a wakeup call in life. It made a difference to me. Paul writes, “You know what time it is. It is time for you to wake up from your sleep.” (Romans 13:11)

I’m concerned about our great nation, America. Are we drifting in a dangerous direction? In our past history, God raised up men and women who would “wake up” our people. They responded by giving us the freedoms that we enjoy today.

Are we willing to sound a wakeup call? The Bible warns that an unclear trumpet call can be disastrous. “For if the trumpet gives an uncertain sound, who shall prepare himself for the battle?” (I Cor. 14:8) I’ve written a book called, Where Is America Headed? to address this question. You can order it from our office for $5 + postage at 4131 Carmichael Road Suite 4, Montgomery, AL 36106.

What personal wakeup calls do we need? What changes do I need? The people in that house weren’t intentionally trying to sleep and get burned up. They were just asleep. Often times in life we drift into things and, “go to sleep” with some bad habits or dangerous attitudes. Do we need a wakeup call?

Do we need a wakeup call to help us reach out to other people? During the recent wildfires in California, Dain Ray Cummings is a garbage man who was driving his truck. His supervisor told him to cut off his route and go home immediately to avoid the wildfires.

Mr. Cummings didn’t obey – he was determined to finish his route and check on some older residents. At his last stop he saw Margaret Newsum – a 93 year old woman standing on her porch waiting for help. He stopped and put her in the cab of his truck. That also was breaking company protocol. He then drove 5 hours to safety. During that drive the 93 year old, Margart Newsum, shared her life story. She even told Dain that she once sang back up to Frank Sinatra. He said it was not only a great feeling to know that he saved the life of a person, but he also received so much because it was some of the best conversations he had ever had in his truck.

There are a lot of fires burning. It doesn’t matter if you’re in Massachusetts or California or that you’re 16 or 93 years old – people need rescuing. Whether you are the wakeup call or hear the wakeup call – don’t hit the snooze button!

Wake up!

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