Judgment Day

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A lot of people think about judgment day and enjoy talking about it but do very little to help everyone get ready for it. It is always easier to talk about something than to do something about it.

In May 19, 1780, in Hartford, Connecticut, at midday, the sky became very dark. By early afternoon there was almost total darkness. You can imagine that everyone was thinking that the judgment day was approaching and that the end of the world had come. Many fell to their knees in prayer and others started confronting people and asking for forgiveness of those whom they had wronged.

The House of Representatives in Connecticut was in session. You can imagine the anxiety and concerns of that group. Such an occasion of the possibility of judgment even got the attention of politicians.

The Speaker of the House was a man named Colonel Davenport. He stood and said, “I do not know whether this is judgment day or not. If it is not judgment day, then we would be wasting our time to adjourn our meeting and quit our work. On the other hand, if this is judgment day, then, I, for one, want to be found doing my duty. Therefore, let the candles be brought in and the let us continue our task.”

There is a lot of conversation about the “end days” and when the Second Coming will occur. Jesus was quite clear about the fact that nobody would know when the last day would come. He described it as coming like a thief in the night, when no one would expect it.

I don’t know when His Second Coming will occur, but I do know that we are 1 day closer to it than we were yesterday!

I propose that we need to spend less time discussing and conjecturing about the judgment and more time helping prepare for it! Jesus admonition to us was to go about His work. We need to be joyfully serving when the final day comes!

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