June/July 2011 Recap

The Latest Word from John Ed Mathison

The first two months of the summer were busy, but productive. God opened up a variety of opportunities for ministry.

June 1-3 – Spoke to the Pastors’ Conference of the General Baptist denomination meeting in Branson, Missouri. This was my third opportunity to be with these pastors. The General Baptist denomination is growing and becoming intentional about reaching out to a younger mission field here in the United States.

June 4 – Officiated at the wedding ceremony for Robin Crook and Clint Darby.

June 5-8 – Attended the Annual Conference meeting of the Alabama/West Florida Conference.

June 11 – Officiated at the wedding ceremony for Crystal Luster and Trip Strickland.

June 13-14 – Spoke at the LaGrange College Awards for Servant Leadership at the North Georgia Annual Conference meeting in Athens, Georgia.

June 16 – Conducted a conference call for the Investment subcommittee, of which I am chairman, for the United Methodist Publishing House.

June 19 – Preached the three morning worship services at Frazer.

June 19-22 – Preached at the Hayneville United Methodist Church. The Baptists, Methodists, Christian Church, and Presbyterians go together for joint summer worship services.

June 30-July 2 – Went to Lake Junaluska, North Carolina to speak at the Laity Conference as a keynote speaker on Thursday night. Friday afternoon I led a stewardship seminar. Ken Love a member of the John Ed Mathison Leadership Ministry Board, went and gave a powerful witness on Saturday morning. God used Ken in a great way to communicate how He can take a man who was addicted to alcohol and gambling, and totally transform his life.

July 3 – Preached at the Church in the Pines at Kowaliga at Lake Martin. People come to worship by boat, seadoos, bicycles, cars, etc. I have done this each summer for about 35 years.

July 17 – Preached at Cain’s Chapel United Methodist Church in Slapout, Alabama.

July 19-20 – Went to Orlando, Florida to give a leadership seminar for staff members at ALFA Insurance Company. I told them that I really like the place that businesses go to train their people. We were at the Dolphin Hotel at Disney. When Methodist preachers meet, we oftentimes go to some Boy Scout Camp. I have really enjoyed getting to relate to business people.

July 24 – Preached at Trinity on the Hill in Augusta, Georgia. On Sunday night they had a special worship service sponsored by college students, high school students and young adults. It was a moving, energetic experience.

I have continued to write a weekly blog. If you know of people you think should receive that blog, just send us their e-mail address. Anyone can go to the website to read and/or print it.

I have had an opportunity during the past two months to meet individually with several young pastors and work with them one-on-one. I am finding this to be extremely fruitful.

I have also continued preparing a 2 minute daily radio program on WLWI and enjoy the times when I can be live on Sports Talk Radio here in Montgomery. There are also a couple of other opportunities for radio that I am exploring.

The fall will be extremely busy. Please pray for our Board of Directors, and for me. This is a great time to focus on Biblical leadership.

For the Cause of causes,

John Ed Mathison

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