Land Mines

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Matt Bell lives in Arkansas and was working on a construction job.  He thought he found a solid-metal 32-pound cannon ball and loaded it up in his pickup truck and drove 65 miles to meet with a historian to figure out exactly what he had discovered.  He was advised that he was holding a live, 150-year old pressure-activated land mine.  Bell immediately called 911, and an active bomb squad evacuated his neighborhood and blew up the device at a nearby land fill.

What he thought was a harmless souvenir turned out to be a potential instrument of death.  When he discovered what it was, he did the right thing – he called for help and the land mine was defused.  Land mines are a constant threat to our military as they serve in Afghanistan, Iraq, etc.  They are very well concealed and contribute to a lot of deaths and injury to American soldiers.  Land mines are dangerous.

The land mines that we confront in life may be hidden and look harmless, but they are dangerous.  May I suggest a few land mines, and if any of these are in your possession – call God – Psalm 55:16 “I call upon God and God will save me.”

  • Marijuana.  So much has been written praising the good things about Marijuana, but extensive studies also show there can be tremendous damage.  Studies show that college students are smoking less tobacco but more marijuana which is known as a gateway drug.  Even though it has been legalized in more and more states, the long-term ill effects of marijuana are still not known, but I have a hunch they will be bad.  This is a land mine.  If you are fooling with marijuana, call Psalm 55:16.
  • Road Rage.  With more and more traffic on the road and more pressure opportunities, it creates road rage.  I was going south on I-85 in Montgomery about 4:45 pm on Friday afternoon, May 6, and I arrived a few minutes later at a road rage situation where gun shots were fired.  That’s here in Montgomery.  I also went through Union Springs on a Saturday afternoon a couple of months ago, and road rage led a high school student to take the life of a father of small children.  Road rage is a landmine.  Call Psalm 55:16.
  • Anger.  So many people today don’t know how to handle anger.  Remember, anger is just one letter short of danger.  It can lead us to say things and do things we never thought of doing.  Many words are said that we wish we could take back.  Anger creates marital conflict.  One man said, “My anger is just my cross to bear.”  A friend responded, “It’s your family’s cross to bear.  It’s your problem that needs to be dealt with!”  It is a land mine.  Call Psalm 55:16.
  • Distractions.  It’s easy to be driving and engaged with some kind of device that distracts our attention.  We all think the distraction is not serious.  I have a few friends who are no longer alive because of distractions while driving a vehicle.  Distractions are also dangerous while walking.  Device distractions are a land mine.  Call Psalm 55:16.
  • Alcohol.  Alcohol consumption continues to grow around the world.  Most auto accident deaths are alcohol-related.   It’s often considered a harmless drug and should pose no danger.  The problem is that most people who begin to consume alcohol tend to consume more and more of it.  The biggest problem I’ve encountered with people abusing alcohol is the person who has the problem doesn’t recognize it is a problem.  Family members and friends do, but the user doesn’t.  It is a land mine – Call Psalm 55:16.
  • Temptations.  Temptations are a part of life.  When a married partner innocently spends time sharing with someone other than a spouse, this is seldom considered dangerous but that’s where “affairs” usually start.  Temptation is a land mine.  Call Psalm 55:16.

The list could go on and on.  Add to these with your own list.  Matt Bell was lucky to drive 65 miles with a 32-pound land mine in his pickup.  Don’t count on luck – call Psalm 55:16 and blow up the land mine in your life.


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