Let Go and Trust God

Let Go and Trust God

I had the privilege of preaching at Redland Hills Church at two morning worship services in January 2024. Wes Gunn is the pastor. The church is only ten years old, but growing rapidly.

One thing he does in the worship service is to have a lay person speak briefly before the offering is taken. It’s a personal witness about financial giving. The Sunday I was there a wonderful lady, Margaret Gunter, spoke. She was extremely articulate, organized, and gave a powerful message.

She had her journal in her hand. She said that thirteen years ago, she and her family were in a church that was having financial struggles. The weekly budget of that church was $10,637.06. On a given Sunday in January, the church only received $7,917.40. It was 74% of what the church needed. She showed her journal entry on the screen.

As a church member, Margaret was concerned. The preacher addressed the issue by challenging people to practice Malachi 3:10, which teaches us to bring our tithes into the storehouse of the Lord and He will open the windows of Heaven for blessings. God began to deal with her and others within that congregation. The pastor challenged them to pray each day during the week about how they should give. His theme was, “Let go and trust God.”

Margaret took the challenge. She was excited to come the next Sunday to see what God was going to do. She was extremely disappointed when she witnessed the Sunday weather. In fact, Alabama had a severe snowstorm on Saturday night. Actually, it was only about one inch, but that’s considered a severe snowstorm in Alabama!

Not many people showed up for worship. She felt dejected and disappointed because of the small crowd. However, she remained faithful as to how God had led her to give.

After the offering was taken, it was reported that the budget was still $10,634.06 but the offering on that Sunday, March 1, was $22,380.80. That’s 210% of the goal!

The church experienced what it means to trust God and follow His leadership. Everybody learned so much about God and their relationship to Him. She said, “Snow didn’t stop God.”

Nothing can stop God! It is interesting that God uses people to accomplish what He wants done. That involves our financial giving, our serving, our witnessing—every part of our lives. God’s work gets done by people who “Let go and trust God.”

How faithful are you in your financial commitment to returning God’s tithe? Too many people look at giving to the church as coming from money that was not spent on something else during the month. The Bible teaches us that the tithe comes from the first of our finances. We don’t give God the leftovers—we give Him the first fruits!

Since it was early in the new year (and is now) she changed her priorities. God is not interested in the amount you give in relationship to what anybody else gives—only in how what you give relates to how much you have received. That’s the measuring stick.

It doesn’t have to snow to prove what God can do in the life of people in your church. It only takes people who “let go and trust God.”

 What are you doing in your church?

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